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Dream Team: RÊVES comes aboard with inspiring feminine fashion

Best friends Olga Kalicka and Karolina Borowska’s adventure all started with a high-school dream. Now, their passion to make their fantasy a reality has driven them to success. Their high-quality, elegantly stylish clothing brand RÊVES has put the fashion world in a trance. Literally the French word for dream, RÊVES  refines bold ideas with Parisienne chic, presenting a classic collection for women with aspirations.


The enterprising duo have combined their talents to design clothes that make people feel special. The business acumen comes from Karolina with her experience from working at TVN, one of Poland’s largest TV stations, whereas Olga; a well-known actress, showcases their pieces through modelling on her popular online Instagram profile. In fact they emphasize that they would not put their names to anything that they would not wear themselves.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/reves__store


No compromise on quality


Each product has been created by the owners from beginning to end. They began putting the wheels of their dreams in motion in August 2019. Although Karolina was still working full time and Olga was juggling motherhood with acting in the theatre, they met at night and worked hard on the brand until the early hours.


When the pandemic hit, and theatres and film sets were suspended for a while, they saw it as an opportunity to devote more time to their brand. Their commitment paid off.


RÊVES launched their online store last year to the delight of fans and gained recognition from Polish glitterazzi Agnieszka Sienkiewicz, Zory Korolyov, Dominika Gwit, Mai Hirsch; applauding the homegrown venture.


Quality is the main focus of the brand. Olga and Karolina use only natural fabrics for their products: cotton, linen and viscose sourced from Spain, Italy and France. If they do use polyester, they prefer the more sustainable recycled option. They also believe in supporting their local economy, and only sew their clothes in Poland.


Feminine style to dress for success

RÊVES the brand is a collection for women with ambition. Their collections provide sophisticated, sleek options for day-to-day life, from work to motherhood. They specialize in dresses, jackets and tracksuits; romantically formal to casual chic. The feminine cuts combined with extraordinary prints embody empowerment and present a dreamlike aesthetic underpinned by high-quality design and materials. There is a confidence in their exquisite geometric and floral patterns, balanced by their ‘coquettish minimalistic’.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/reves__store


And underneath the playfulness of the brand lies a seamless business operation. A robust fulfillment process is the fabric of any successful company and Olga and Karolina’s decision to partner with Omnipack means they are working with fashion logistics enthusiasts, providing a service tailored to help meet their customers’ demands.


Warehouse solutions to grow with


RÊVES decided to bring Omnipack onboard after seeking advice around fulfillment solutions from others in the market:

Omnipack very often appeared among friends' recommendations when we asked them for a fulfillment operator.

Karolina Borowska

co-owner of Rêves


Whilst starting up their business, Olga and Karolina came up with different solutions to store their stock. Initially using a several-meter warehouse in a storage room, they then moved into the basement of Karolina’s fiancé which had an area of 120m2, before moving to their first professional warehouse. At this point they also employed their first staff member to help with fulfilment.


With successful sales and growing demand, they began cooperation with Omnipack in April 2021. Omnipack offer state-of-the-art warehousing facilities designed to make sure that the products are the stars of the show.


Optimized space as well as temperature controls and top of the range racking ensures that clothes are stored in conditions to preserve their delicate qualities. 

We visited several warehouses, but the Omnipack logistics center definitely caught our attention the most. The final decision was determined by good opinions on the market and fantastic people who took care of the integration of our store.

Karolina Borowska

co-owner of Rêves


Customised packing with care


Omnipack understand that packaging is the customer’s first experience of the brand and therefore paid careful attention to the details requested by Olga and Karolina. Using materials provided by the store, orders are packed in branded boxes with tissue paper and stickers. Each order is also perfumed so that when opening the package, there is a pleasant fragrance that adds to a positive shopping experience. A “thank you card” is also placed inside each order for that extra personal touch.


A tailored solution


When RÊVES came to Omnipack they did not have any EAN codes. Omnipack have a price list for the preparation of individual codes however in this case 13, 000 codes were needed. This amounted to a soaring invoice. However, Omnipack adapted the service for the client adjusting the price to provide them with a favorable rate. Omnipack aims to work flexibly with clients to ensure that their business can continue to operate within attractive margins.


Omnipack prices are higher than the competition, but we know from experience that it is not always necessary to choose the cheapest solution. Here, the price is based on quality, great communication and good organization of work.

Karolina Borowska

co-owner of Rêves


Dreaming big


Olga and Karolina are currently focusing on their fall winter collection but their next ambition is to open a stationary boutique, with the ultimate goal of opening a store in another country. Since joining Ominpack the partners have already began their international enterprize by shipping their first packages abroad and with the right logistical support, international expansion is no longer a pipe dream. Hard work, creativity and shrewd business decisions mean that RÊVES can really go ahead and make their dreams come true.

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