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Cross-border fulfillment that will help your e-commerce business grow faster

* Omnipack - winner of Logistics Awards Poland in the category of logistics services outsourcing for medium and large companies

Why Omnipack?

What do you gain from working with Omnipack?

Money savings and increased business profitability

30% lower logistics costs

You save on warehouse costs, employee hiring and training, technology and more. You also benefit from our reduced courier and packaging rates

Cost flexibility - fees proportional to the number of orders

You only pay for the space you actually used and the packages you sent - proportionally to the number of orders handled by the fulfillment center. This means you turn fixed logistics costs into variable costs

Fixed price guarantee

As prices increase everywhere around us, you pay a fixed fee for all fulfillment logistics services throughout the year

Higher profitability of your online store

Every centimeter of space saved - in a single package and in the entire warehouse - translates into real savings when analyzed on a large scale. That's why we track all of these parameters, optimize processes and minimize the risk of errors. Fewer errors mean fewer returns, and those translate into higher profitability of your online store

Faster growth of your e-commerce business

More time to focus on business development

Fulfillment takes the whole topic of “logistics” off your mind. You can fully concentrate on other areas of your e-commerce business growth, such as sales and marketing

The ability to scale your business without limits

Managing seasonality or business expansion becomes very easy. You let us know what you need and we provide space and staff to serve you

Rapid cross-border growth

We are experts in cross-border logistics. We will deliver your parcels to 40+ countries, offering 1-day delivery to e.g. Germany and Poland, and 1-4 day delivery to other European countries

Correct fulfillment of orders sold on marketplaces

At Omnipack we fulfill orders sold on marketplaces, including: Zalando, eBay Allegro, and Amazon (Fulfillment by Amazon, Fulfillment by Merchant, Amazon Vendor Order). We handle those orders according to your guidelines and the restrictions of each marketplace

Top customer services for your clients

Error-free order processing

Our experience and the technology we use guarantee timely and error-free order processing. A tight and automated process almost eliminates the risk of errors. Our perfect order ratio is 99.96% - we maintain it at this level even during busy periods

Dependability even during sales peaks

With us, you can be sure that your customers receive the right orders, regardless of the seasonal intensity. We guarantee timely and error-free order processing, even during high-volume periods such as Black Friday or Christmas

Fast parcel delivery

In Germany and in Poland it will take us 1 day, and to other European countries we deliver orders in 1-4 days

More parcels shipped on the same day

Our fulfillment centers are located at key transport hubs - e.g. highways, airports, courier hubs, and the border with Germany. This proximity allows couriers to arrive late (even after 8 PM), and a late arrival means more orders sent on the same day

Better customer service

Customer reviews can “make or break” an online store. We understand that. Therefore, thanks to automation, technology and processes, we minimize the risk of errors. Our applications and systems allow you to track each order and respond to your customers faster and more accurately

Full control over every step of the logistics process

Fulfillment of orders according to your instructions

We pack orders and process returns exactly as you expect. Detailed instructions are displayed on monitors, thanks to which our employees follow the standards developed in your company


We will provide you with a transparent and easy-to-use system that allows you to remotely track every stage of the logistics process. You are not personally present in the warehouse, but you can see all documents and completed activities in the system in real time

Accurate billing

Scanning every step of the logistics process allows us to monitor how many materials have been used, so you know exactly what you are paying for and how much

Full support

If you have any questions, the Merchant Support department will support you straight from the warehouse. We have over 250 specialists on board who are happy to share their knowledge and experience, which you can use to drive your expansion

Expert knowledge, experience, and resources

Well-trained staff

Working with Omnipack, you do not have to recruit, train and let go of employees. Everyone is on site - warehouse staff management is our responsibility. You gain access to 250+ skilled individuals who combine e-commerce, logistics, and tech experience

Effective use of space

The fact that we accurately determine the volume of products at the inbound stage, use "high storage" and the "chaotic warehousing" technique, allows us to save up to 30-50% of space, which reduces your costs

All box types and fillers available on site

No more ordering and storing large amounts of packaging materials - at Omnipack, everything we need for packing is available on site. We have foil packaging, boxes, inserts, fillers, tapes, etc. Thanks to the use of creased cardboard boxes, we can create 24 sizes of packages out of 6 types of boxes

Still thinking about it?

Omnipack, own warehouse or regular fulfillment - what to choose?

Look at this comparison!
Costs and business efficiency
Fulfillment eCommerce Omnipack Fulfillment eCommerce Omnipack
Own warehouse
Regular fulfillment

Cost flexibility - billing based on actual usage


(process optimizations, low courier and packaging rates)

Fixed rates for at least 12 months

Effective use of space

(high storage, processes, technologies)

No quantity minimums

(you order as many packaging materials as you need)

Business growth

Resource flexibility

(additional space and staff available on demand)

Ease of scaling your business abroad

(cross-border infrastructure)

1-day delivery to Germany

Order handling

Order processing according to your guidelines

Handling of orders sold on marketplaces

Fast shipping

(top warehouse location, many couriers to choose from, late pickups)

Work automation

Top quality maintained even during sales peaks

World-class customer service for your clients

Standards and processes

Ecological and energy-efficient warehouses

(class A, BREEAM, FSC)

Fast and error-free inbound + handling

(scans, EAN, SSCC codes)

Process accuracy - no risk of errors

Goods security

(24/7 monitoring, alarms, security staff, access control, limited access zone)

Time and convenience

More time to focus on your business growth

No need to manage warehouse staff

Ease of managing logistics

(processes, technology, automation, operational support)

Logistics data visible in the system 24/7

No time wasted on courier complaints


We make it faster, cheaper and easier for you to sell across Europe

Full logistics infrastructure makes cross-border fulfillment possible from day one of cooperation.


parcels sent


countries where we deliver orders

1-4-day delivery to other European countries


perfect order ratio


satisfied merchants

1-day delivery to e.g. Germany, Poland

support in legal and tax matters (e.g. VAT / VAT OSS registration, customs clearance)

2 modern and ecological warehouses (class A, BREEAM, FSC) close to key transport hubs

2 modern and ecological warehouses (class A, BREEAM, FSC) close to key transport hubs

Tomek Kasperski


How did it start?

Tomek Kasperski

Founder & CEO

A veteran of the e-commerce industry

Scaled Westwing in the CEE region from zero to the largest player in home & living e-commerce

Discovered that Europe lacked logistics companies that support e-commerce growth - that's how Omnipack was born

Forbes - Omnipack

"It started with a blank piece of paper. Tomek Kasperski sat down in front of that paper in 2016 and wrote down business ideas. (...)

He has kept that piece of paper with his ideas to this day. And he turned the best one into Omnipack, a company that manages logistics operations for online stores.

And which has become one of the largest players in its market in the region”*.

The idea of creating a fulfillment company handling orders for online stores appeared even earlier, when Tomek was growing Westwing in the CEE region from scratch to the position of the largest player in home & living e-commerce. That’s when he discovered that Europe lacked fulfillment companies that understood the needs of e-commerce businesses and knew how to help them grow.

This is how the idea for Omnipack was born, a company that approaches logistics and customers in an innovative way, acting as a partner in the growth of online stores. Thanks to Tomek's visionary approach, an international business was created that helps both global brands and local companies in cross-border expansion.

Today, Omnipack is a team of over 250 skilled individuals combining e-commerce, logistics and tech experience.

We offer 30,000 m2 of modern warehouse space in two logistics centers.

Our clients include over 100 e-commerce companies from all over Europe. We store, pack and ship millions of parcels, guaranteeing logistics services at the level of global giants.

*“Omnipack. New generation logistics” Read Forbes


E-commerce is in our DNA

We perfectly understand the problems and challenges that online stores face in the area of logistics. That's why we have created a modular and scalable fulfillment solution that allows us to handle even large volumes of orders.

Modularity makes it possible for us to provide personalized solutions for merchants based on combinations of variants. With all our modules offered as part of integration, storage, packaging, shipping and more, we are able to create as many as 6.9 million combinations, thanks to which each merchant receives a solution fully tailored to his needs.


8 variants


8 variants


9 variants


6 variants


22 variants


13 variants


7 variants




Perfect Order Ratio

Omnipack - frictionless fulfillment for e-commerce

We make Amazon-level speed, reach and operational excellence accessible to every online store


Read what our customers say about Omnipack!

"As our logistics partner, Omnipack addresses our needs regarding constant sales growth and entering new online channels.

We chose Omnipack because of the possibility of integrating their platform with our logistics and accounting systems. Thanks to that solution, we can automate some of the order fulfillment processes and speed them up. Moreover, we value extraordinary care for packing our orders. At Bizuu, we pack them in 12 different ways (depending on the collection or amount of products in one order)."

"Our cooperation with Omnipack has been brilliant since the beginning of 2016.

Tomasz Skupieński


They offer a very quick response time to emails, flexibility on agreeing to terms, a clear price list, very fast implementation into two shops, impeccable dispatch of packages and no returns of damaged products during transport. I strongly recommend this company."

"Thanks to Omnipack we could accelerate our expansion into Eastern Europe.

Esben Kristoffersen


Omnipack’s professional work, setup and knowledge have enabled us to quickly add new markets to our e-commerce platform without worrying how to run the fulfillment setup."

"Wild has reached 80% growth since starting with Omnipack!

Freddy Ward


Omnipack has transformed the delivery experience for our European customers. They are a highly professional outfit that has executed our complex set-up seamlessly."

"We ran a tender and chose Omnipack in a competitive process.

Huzefa Motorwala


They presented a complete solution for our needs - both from tech and operations perspectives. They are flexible, reasonably priced and strongly support scaling of our business across Europe. It’s real fun to work with them!"

We have been trusted by 100+ online stores! See all the reviews!


Logistics for fashion, health & beauty, supplements – we know how to do it right!

We have certificates proving that we can handle food products, cosmetics, health & beauty aids and dietary supplements - including those of ecological origin: BIO-EKO

We’re eco-friendly - eco-warehouses and eco-packaging materials (BREEAM and FSC certificates, recycling, segregation)

We generate savings for you thanks to the effective use of space (several SKUs in one place, use of high storage, solutions for fast-moving products, etc.)

We control warehouse temperature (17-22℃)

We take care of the cleanliness of the warehouse and your products (HEPA filters, regular cleaning, quality control, returns control, etc.)

We have complete infrastructure, that will keep your clothes, shoes and accessories in perfect condition (cardboard shelves, hangers, etc.)

We monitor expiration dates and product batches (products with the shortest expiration date leave the warehouse first - according to FEFO)

We pack orders according to your instructions (packing instructions, branding, inserts)

We fully handle returns (we check the products, refresh them if necessary and get them ready to be resold)


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