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Logistics and fulfillment for self-publishers, publishing houses and online bookstores

  • logistics solutions: 30 000 m2 of heated warehouse space adapted to the logistics of storing and handling books - shelf structures allow us to effectively manage the space and quickly fill orders.

  • experience: We have a great understanding self-publishing and the publishing business. You’re trusting your logistics to experts who have sent millions of packages on time, even during the busiest periods right after a book’s debut.

  • flexible account settlement: You pay only for sent packages, we settle accounts only on the basis of a fixed price per book and reduce overall costs thanks to effective storage and planning.


Logistic support for publishing

We operate from BREEM-certified A-class warehouses, where inventory is stored in the best conditions with protection against low temperature and odors. This means books are delivered to the customer in perfect condition. We keep books on dedicated shelves, optimizing the storage space and streamlining the order picking process.
Orders are packed according to your specifications and our staff will quickly adapt your packing plans. We offer special occasion packaging, addition of inserts, branded packaging and personalized orders. We also offer eco-friendly packaging and other options thanks to our cooperation with the largest producers of packing materials.
We offer next-day delivery throughout Poland and Germany and 3-4 day delivery to the rest of Europe. We understand the publishing industry and we prepare for increased volume after the premier of a book. We’re flexible in our preparations so that we can send all books on time.
Handling returns
Our offer also includes additional services, such as handling returns. All returned books are checked by employees and prepared for resale.

Success. Simplified.

  • Storage sorted

    You don't need your own warehouse when you can use our A-Class facilities. Outsource your entire storage and order management processing and discover the difference.

  • Service enhanced

    We've got years of experience as specialists in eCommerce and our team will put our expertise to work finding ways to increase the quality of your customer service.

  • Costs managed

    You only pay for the parcels we send. We charge one fixed rate, per parcel with no additional costs. It couldn't be any easier to keep on top of costs.


Books logistics - step by step

1. Goods inbound

We organize the transportation for your products to our logistics centers; we inbound your goods within 24h in our warehouse.

2. Warehousing

We store your products utilizing infrastructure adapted to cosmetics

3. Pick & Pack

After receiving an order, we collect wares from appropriate locations with the help of optimized picking paths. Next, products are packed according to your requirements.

4. Delivery

We ship products globally, thanks to cooperation with the leading European carriers.

5. Returns

We manage returns. All returned goods are checked for their quantity and quality.


Read how we help our merchants grow

  • The first meeting of the Moonka founders took place over 20 years ago - in a completely different set up, completely different circumstances. However, it resulted in years of friendship and a joint project in 2020. In November, Ewa Kwiatkowska, Ewa Pietruszczak and Barbara Pietruszczak shared their idea with the world, which, as they say, was created out of empathy for girls and women.

    The plans to prepare a body-positive guide had been made much earlier, but none of the founders had any publishing experience and there were still many unknowns. Despite this, they decided to trust their intuition and in the fall they started a fundraiser. During its duration, more than PLN 85,000 (almost 19,000 EUR) was collected, ie 190% of the originally assumed goal. From the very beginning, almost 1,000 supporters were involved in the project - people who had never had physical contact with the product, because it did not exist yet, and yet trusted the organizers of the campaign. And that was just the beginning!

    Read full case study
  • Jemy Zdrowo (“We eat healthy”) started in the Czech Republic in 2015 with a mission to change the way we eat for the better. Finding their niche very quickly, they connected with an audience that was, well, hungry for delicious recipes for meals that were not only a pleasure to prepare but wholesome and healthy as well.

    They started out with a single cookbook, sending out a very impressive 150,000+ copies from a garage in their first few years. That is serious bootstrapping!

    Read full case study

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does logistics for books work in eCommerce?

    We know that writers and publishers often have no experience in the eCommerce market, and certainly not in logistics. This is a common challenge but there is a solution! By handing over logistics to Omnipack, you do not have to worry about checking deliveries, storage, packaging, shipping, contracts with couriers, packaging materials or returns. Outsourcing these processes will allow you to focus what gives you satisfaction. Our experience, technology and love of logistics will take care of your orders.

  • How are books shipped?

    The order is placed in your online store and thanks to an easy integration with our WMS system, we can automatically proceed to its implementation. Orders are picked and packaged in an appropriately designed way, securing the books against damage. Finally, it is shipped by a selected courier company.

  • How much does logistics support for online sales cost?

    Costs are based on the estimated number of packages you ship. However, that doesn't mean you have to ship a lot for fulfillment to be a successful solution. We work with all kinds of publishers, even small ones. We work with self publishers, for whom external fulfillment is typically the best financial solution. If you want to know specific prices, please fill out our form. We will prepare a special offer based on your needs.

  • How are books packed?

    Books are first packed in foil to reduce the possibility of damage and dirt, then in the appropriate size cardboard box to optimize shipping costs and the amount of material used. We are also open to suggestions regarding the packaging of your products and we can add inserts prepared by you and use branded tape for increased brand awareness.


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