Food logistics. Case study: Jadłosfera

Proper temperature, monitoring of product expiration dates, and necessary certificates–that’s just a few requirements every food logistics operator has to meet. What does food logistics look like behind the scenes? We will try to answer that question in this article and use a case study of our client–Jadłosfera.


Jadłosfera is an online store with organic food and natural products coming from local suppliers. The brand’s philosophy is based on serving top quality products–verified, healthy, and free from harmful ingredients. Moreover, on a company’s blog, you can find some straightforward recipes (according to the owner–“recipes for dummies”) that will allow you to make delicious meals out of products purchased at Jadłosfera. Polish bloggers adore their website. Kasia Tusk has recommended Jadłosfera on multiple occasions.


What solutions does food logistics require?



Monitoring of product expiration dates



Taking care of product expiration dates is crucial in food logistics. At Omnipack we thoroughly monitor any Jadłosfera’s product we receive in our warehouse. We use the FEFO system (First End First Out). According to this system, products with short expiration dates have to leave our warehouse first. Moreover, products with expiration date shorter than seven days cannot be shipped to customers! Thanks to our WMS system support, the entire process is very efficient, and the store’s owner has constant insight into the current stock. 




In order to store foods lawfully, you have to obey several formal requirements that make it accessible to obtain necessary certifications. At Omnipack, we have full Sanepid’s consent to store food products in original packaging and place them on the market. We also act in compliance with modern standards: Good Hygienic Practice (GHP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


Proper temperature


Fresh food products require low storage temperature, but there’s also the other side of the coin. Jadłosfera’s (and our other clients as well for that matter) assortment cannot be stored at too low temperature. That’s why our warehouse is appropriately heated, which is particularly important in the winter months. All that effort to make sure that Jadłosfera’s customers receive perfect, untouched products!


Case study: Jadłosfera 



The decision to cooperate with the logistics operator



Currently, Jadłosfera operates online, but until recently, their products have been available land-based.



The decision to quit the stationary sales wasn’t easy but allowed them to focus on the online channel. It was roughly the moment when they decided to utilize the support from the logistics operator.


Logistics outsourcing was crucial for us, especially when it comes to increasing the sales volume, which is our core goal. Thanks to cooperation with an effective and flexible partner, we can “go crazy” with our marketing plans. We are confident that, thanks to a good logistics partner, our customers will never be left out.


What has changed since you started cooperation with Omnipack?


Managing an online grocery store is a complicated process. Not every company can handle it.


We have chosen Omnipack because they have the most advanced tools enabling us to manage the logistics for our products with best-before dates. The recommendations form their other satisfied clients, and Omnipack’s vast experience were the other two factors that helped us to make that decision.


Currently, using this operator’s services, Jadłosfera can concentrate on growing their sales and customer service. But that’s not the only advantage. Due to a lack of quality losses, the store can serve more customers during, for instance, seasonal promotions. What’s also essential is the ability to turn fixed costs into variable costs, adjusted to actual sales volume.


To sum up, Omnipack has everything that’s necessary to provide safe and efficient food logistics services. Care for proper temperature, expiration dates monitoring, and necessary certificates is what matters to us.


We have brands selling food products in our portfolio. Jadłosfera is one of them. 

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