New Client - Daquïni, Activewear for Women

Daquïni produces designer activewear essentials sought by women all over the world — from the United States to Japan. With such a global customer base, Daquïni ’s brand logistics need to keep pace and Omnipack is excited to accept this challenge!


Daquïni is a European designer brand whose products are "designed for how you're moving, not just your body, but the world around you". Their products — feminine activewear essentials, made from the highest quality ecologically sourced materials, are designed for young, active, and inspiring women. This is one group of consumers that demands as much from its activewear as it does from itself!


As Daquïni’s logistics partner, Omnipack can keep pace with the needs of this global brand, thanks to its convenient location in the centre of Europe. Daquïni can now guarantee timely and efficient shipments to consumers in the USA, Europe and Asia, including Hong Kong, China and Thailand.


daquini products

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