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We make it faster, cheaper and easier for you to sell across the whole of Europe.

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Why do industry leaders choose Omnipack?

ecommerce fulfilment
Competitive advantage

The best eCommerce fulfilment services

ecommerce fulfilment
  • 99,92% - that's our Perfect Order Ratio

  • Cut-off until 6 pm. - Orders placed before that time can be packed and shipped the same day

  • Same/Next day delivery - build your competitive advantage

  • 25,000 sq meters of modern warehouse space adjusted to the needs of eCommerce

  • We have over 15 years of experience in logistics and eCommerce

  • We have shipped over 4 million parcels

eCommerce Fulfilment

Comprehensive eCommerce fulfilment that’s got you covered

e-commerce fulfilment services
  • 01 Goods inbound

    We'll organise getting your products to our logistics centres. We inbound goods to our warehouses within 24hrs. Quick. Sorted.

  • 02 Warehousing

    Your products are the stars of the show. Our state-of-the-art warehousing facilities make sure they stay that way - from temperature controls to specialised racking, everything's in the right hands.

  • 03 Pick & pack

    We get the order. We pick the product. We pack the product. Simple. We make it look easy thanks to our warehousing technology and systems and expert packing services that meet your guidelines.

  • 04 Delivery

    This is where the rubber, literally, hits the road. Your customers rely on you to keep your promises and you rely on us to keep ours. We ship globally every day, with highly competitive prices and a late cut off - up to 6pm.

  • 05 Returns

    No need to worry, we'll look after returns for you as well. We have processes in place to carry out relevant quantity and quality checks. We can help prepare products for re-use with our laundry, ironing and repackaging services. Where a product is good to go back out, we'll restore it to your inventory.

We are specialists in fulfilment services, from start to finish. Our operations ensure quick and easy integration with your eCommerce platform. Your dedicated Merchant Portal will then put all the business-critical data you need, live at your fingertips.

e-commerce fulfilment services
order fulfilment for ecommerce
New markets

Get your products through the front doors of Europe

order fulfilment for ecommerce

That’s what we’re here to do. You sell, we deliver. It might not be rocket science, but there’s some clever stuff involved.

That’s why we can guarantee lower costs for warehousing and picking and packing. Why we’re a fulfilment company that can get your parcels faster and cheaper to continental Europe, through smarter warehousing. And it’s why our experts can give you the right support to get customs and taxes sorted. Where your competitors may see borders, we make sure you only see opportunities.

A dedicated team

We take care of your success

logistics service for e-commerce

We know what online retailers like you need to build your business and we know what your customers expect from a great experience.

We’ve been there, seen it, done it and delivered the t-shirt. Once you join us, our team is on your side every step of the way. We guide you through the process, we make sure you know what you need to know and we design the best solutions for you. We make it easy for you to get fulfilment done and dusted.

logistics service for e-commerce

Take care of your sales,
leave logistics to us

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Check out our eCommerce expertise and fulfilment solutions for specific sectors and industries:

Logistics, fulfilment for fashion


We have rack infrastructure designed for storing clothes, and we offer personalised packaging, alongside handling returns. We also have laundry and sewing rooms onsite in our warehouse facilities, which means we can prepare products for new shipments.

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Logistics, fulfilment for cosmetics


Our in-house packaging service means we can meet your requirements and guidelines. We offer a range of bespoke solutions to prepare sets and packs, personalise packages and letters to your customers and rebrand packaging. Our temperature-controlled facilities and expiration date monitoring systems mean quality is protected at all times.

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Logistics, fulfilment for toys

Toys and children’s products

As a fulfilment centre for many eCommerce businesses in the toys and children’s products sector, we manage thousands of orders from our warehouse every month. We provide a range of safety packaging solutions and our systems enable us to identify products even without barcodes. What’s more, with our same day delivery service, we can receive and distribute orders on the same day.

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Logistics, fulfilment for food and supplements

Food and diet supplements

Our warehouse has state-of-the-art heating and environmental controls to store food products safely. Technology automatically monitors expiration dates, to make sure we maximise inventory by shipping products with the nearest expiration date first. We manage the entire process in line with all the relevant approvals and required standards for storing and marketing foodstuffs.

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Logistics, fulfilment for furniture

Furniture and accessories

We have more than seven years’ experience in furniture logistics and fulfilment processes. This means we’ve built specialist knowhow in applying best practices. We have the right warehouse environments to store and protect your goods prior to shipment, along with the logistics and delivery expertise to get your products straight to your customers' door. We can also handle returns and small repairs.

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Designed to deliver for your business

Warehousing that works hard for you

Our A-Class warehouses are situated near strategic hubs at the heart of Europe, we get your products to your customers faster. And because you only pay for the space you use, you get top-notch storage for less.

Experts that know what's best for you

We know how to increase the quality of your customer service thanks to the expert support of specialists with multi-annual experience in eCommerce fulfilment.

Pricing that makes it easy

You don't have to know everything about logistics to calculate how much you are going to pay. The settlement is based solely on the number of sent parcels and occupied space.

Capacity that scales with your sales

We know sales go up and down. Seasons, promotions, customer trends - all of these mean you need to know you’ve got flexibility. We build it in as standard. As your business grows, we grow with you.

Advice that gives you the edge

We work as your partner. We get fulfilment services set up and running smoothly. And we don’t stop there. Our experienced and specialist team is also on-hand to advise on ways to boost your customer service and increase sales.

Software that integrates seamlessly

Our customers use a wide range of different software solutions. Our fulfilment systems integrate with all of the largest eCommerce platforms, which guarantees you a fast and easy implementation.

Smart systems that keep you in the picture

We’ve developed our own cutting-edge fulfilment software to give you access to critical information on an always-on basis. That puts you in control, with no more worrying about what might be happening - because you’ll know exactly what’s happening.

Packaging that makes the right impression

Packaging is part of that all-important first impression when your customer takes delivery. It’s important to get it right, so we offer a custom packaging service, which includes branded packaging, sustainable solutions and low-cost materials. Whatever you’re after, we’ve got it.

"Thanks to cooperation with Omnipack, we can provide a range of logistics services at the top level."


This operator supports us, among many other services, in dealing with the B2B stream (store service, sending welcome packs to cooperating stores), B2C stream, returns, and cross-docking. Such a broad range of services requires ongoing insight into operations and efficient contact. Omnipack does an excellent job here! We are glad that, thanks to this cooperation, we can be calm regarding all the logistic questions and focus entirely on further business development.

"As our logistics partner, Omnipack addresses our needs regarding constant sales growth and entering new online channels."


We chose Omnipack because of the possibility of integrating their platform with our logistics and accounting systems. Thanks to that solution, we can automate some of the order fulfilment processes and speed them up. Moreover, we value extraordinary care for packing our orders. At Bizuu, we pack them in 12 different ways (depending on the collection or amount of products in one order).

integration with ecommerce

Easy integration with
all eCommerce platforms

fulfilment company

The best courier and transportation companies in one place. At your service!

Thanks to a large volume of parcels, we can offer a wide range of delivery options at competitive prices.

Find out more about courier services

We keep your customers happy and your business growing. Simple.

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