Webinar I Mastering Q4: Get Your E-commerce Logistics Ready for the Coming Sales Peak

The biggest sales season of the year is just around the corner. Along with it comes the potential for unprecedented growth, but only for those who are well-prepared. Watch the video of the webinar and discover how to better position yourself for the huge challenge and opportunity that Black Week and the Holiday season presents for every e-commerce operation.


Here’s what you’ll learn from the webinar


The period from Black Week to Christmas is crucial for profitability in e-commerce. And while the sales peaks it generates can account for a huge share of your yearly revenue, preparation on the logistical end of things is vital if you want to succeed


The extra volume that Q4 brings needs extra resources to maintain your workflows and keep customers happy. That means additional space, additional staff and optimized, tech-driven processes. 


If you don’t have the resources ready to handle the sales rush, the result can be delays, errors, returns, bad reviews, dissatisfied customers, and lost sales. But all this is easy to avoid if you follow the right steps. 


Make the most of the opportunity of Q4. Watch the video of the webinar and learn how you can prepare for the increased sales volume without causing disruptions to your processes. Discover how to synchronize your promotions, optimize stock levels, streamline logistics, and allocate additional resources effectively.

Based on experience from working with over 100 online stores from all over Europe, we illustrate all the steps you have to follow in order to master Q4.


You’ll also hear from e-commerce insiders with experience in running online stores that see huge sales peaks, as well as e-commerce marketplace experts. 


Don’t miss this chance to help put your business on the path to success in the busiest online shopping season of the year! 




Hosted by:

Tomek Kasperski

Founder & CEO of Omnipack

A veteran of the e-commerce industry. Scaled Westwing in the CEE region from 0 to the largest player in home & living e-commerce. It was then that he discovered that Europe lacked logistics companies that support e-commerce growth - this is how Omnipack was born. Now he helps e-commerce companies from all over Europe improve their logistics processes.


Guest speakers:


Jocelyn Charman

Director of Operations at Wild

Director of Operations at Wild - a UK-based brand of natural, refillable deodorants that’s on a mission to remove single-use plastic from the bathroom. Products are available online across Europe and in 2500 stores in the UK. So far over 15 million Wild deodorants were sold, all of which have helped prevent a huge 456,000 kg of plastic from ending up in landfills.


Justyna Tylak-Nowis

Founder & CEO of MyBasic 

Founder and CEO of the MyBasic fashion brand. Based on the needs of her family, in 2017 she created a brand of basic clothing for children and adults, which she turned into a thriving business. Currently, MyBasic offers high-quality, simple and timeless clothes in over 30 colors.


Huzefa Motorwala

General Manager at Comfort Click

General Manager at Comfort Click - one of the biggest online providers of well being products in Europe. With a portfolio of retail brands and own label products - including WeightWorld, Viaman, MaxMedix, Animigo and Eco Masters - the business is able to serve the needs of a variety of customers. Currently, ComfortClick products have a dedicated presence in over 13 markets internationally. 


Abdelhak Amraoui

Partnerships Manager at ChannelEngine

Partnerships Manager at ChannelEngine. ChannelEngine connects brands and retailers to over 700 marketplaces and digital sales channels worldwide. Sellers can automate and streamline e-commerce management, making it easy to manage listings, content, and pricing and synchronize stock levels (across all locations) from one central platform.


Step by step:


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  • Within a few minutes you’ll get an email from us confirming your registration along with a video of the webinar.

Remember: if you don’t see the email, check your “Spam” or “Trash” folders. 


Who are we and why are we conducting this program?


At Omnipack, we provide fulfillment services for e-commerce, which includes dealing with all areas of online store logistics - from warehousing, through picking and shipping orders, to handling returns and preparing products for resale.


We closely observe the challenges faced by entrepreneurs from all over Europe and we support them in logistics processes on an ongoing basis. We know we can help your business too. We have decided to share our knowledge and experience so that even more companies can develop the tools they need to grow in today’s e-commerce landscape.


Omnipack in numbers:


100+ merchants from all over Europe


40+ countries where we deliver


1-day delivery to e.g. Germany, Poland, Czech Republic


2 warehouses with BREEAM & FSC certification


99.95% error-free order processing rate


2016 started supporting e-commerce growth

Sign up, watch the video of the webinarJoin us and get your e-commerce ready for the busiest sales season of the year!



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Get Your E-commerce Logistics Ready for the Coming Sales Peak


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