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As our logistics partner, Omnipack addresses our needs regarding constant sales growth and entering new online channels. We chose Omnipack because of the possibility of integrating their platform with our logistics and accounting systems. Thanks to that solution, we can automate some of the order fulfillment processes and speed them up. Moreover, we value extraordinary care for packing our orders. At Bizuu, we pack them in 12 different ways (depending on the collection or amount of products in one order).

The Omnipack team supports HemPoland in the development of the eCommerce channel. Thanks to this cooperation, we can ship our products efficiently, both in B2B and B2C relations. We always look for the best professionals available, that’s why we decided to work with Omnipack, and we can recommend this company without hesitation.

Thanks to cooperation with Omnipack, we can provide a range of logistics services at the top level. This operator supports us, among many other services, in dealing with the B2B stream (store service, sending welcome packs to cooperating stores), B2C stream, returns, and cross-docking. Such a broad range of services requires ongoing insight into operations and efficient contact. Omnipack does an excellent job here! We are glad that, thanks to this cooperation, we can be calm regarding all the logistic questions and focus entirely on further business development.

The Omnipack team has a unique experience in the logistics service of furniture, including international shipping. Thanks to this experience and know-how, they are able to optimise expenses, reduce the damages, as well as efficiently service the returns and repairs. I highly recommend them.

We are very happy with this year’s Black Friday result – actually, Black Weekend might be a better way to put it. What pleases us is not only the increase in sales but also the smooth and trouble-free delivery of all orders on time – and we know that there were many more orders than usual. Although this day is always associated with some kind of tension: “Will we be able to get it done?”, and “Can we pack everything and send it on time?”, this year we had the comfort that everything went according to plan.

This year’s Black Friday in Muscat went very smoothly. Increased traffic and sales in our online store did not cause any delays in shipments to customers. The exemplary logistics implemented by Omnipack contributed to this.

I’m impressed by their impeccable organisation and professionalism. I find their “human” approach really valuable, even to small shops. Regular daily communication is standard and focused on effective shipping services. Beginning our cooperation with Omnipack has been a real milestone in my business story.

We have developed great cooperation with Omnipack as they made our business simpler to manage. Their excellent and expert team customized their services to match our needs. Moreover, their instantaneous responsiveness is a success key in our customer satisfaction. It’s a blessing to have such an efficient and professional company as our business partner. They are known as the best solution for outsourcing warehousing and shipping requirements while accommodating the ordering process. We entrusted our growing needs to Omnipack. This is a critical part of our business model and would surely recommend them to others.

Omnipack is a reliable partner that works day after day in order to meet their clients' expectations. That refers also to the clients that, like Jadłosfera, have more complex requirements due to a focus on a quite complicated logistics sector – selling food products. Good system support and quick response to customer requests are the pillars of successful cooperation.

Our cooperation with Omnipack has been brilliant since the beginning of 2016. They offer a very quick response time to emails, flexibility on agreeing to terms, a clear price list, very fast implementation into two shops, impeccable dispatch of packages and no returns of damaged products during transport. I strongly recommend this company.

It’s been four years since I started cooperating with Omnipack. It’s a fantastic logistics partner. They are professional and reliable. I always feel that they know what they are doing. My online store operates on a niche market. However, when a dart boom started in January, my orders went sky high, up to 300%! I’m happy to say that Omnipack managed these increased volumes of orders and effectively fulfilled the vast majority of parcels. Amazing job! My customers are satisfied, and I get great reviews. A dedicated account manager is another vital benefit. They help me solve all the ambiguities, they support and explain everything; shortly - marvelous contact.

As an owner of a cosmetics and supplements online store, I was looking for an operator who knows these products. Omnipack has modern temperature-controlled warehouses, which guarantee that our products reach customers in perfect condition. I'm very happy with our relationship of more than 2-years now, especially as the order volumes are growing, and I don't have to get involved in the preparation and despatch of further shipments.

The choice of the Omnipack company from among such a wide range of companies with a similar nature of activity was prompted not only by practical considerations, such as the high quality of services offered by Omnipack, but more importantly, by a broad understanding of our needs as a customer, friendly and competent service, professionalism and reliability of the staff workforce. These qualities are an excellent showcase of the Omnipack Company. Long-term cooperation and many jointly solved problems and completed projects makes Omnipack stand out from other companies in the logistics industry. Particularly important for cooperation with our company Brothers and Sisters is a high level of flexibility, openness and professionalism in the implementation of the delivery process.

Omnipacks professional work, setup and knowledge has meant that we could accelerate our expansion into eastern Europe and quickly add new markets to our eCommerce platform without worrying on how to run the fulfillment setup.

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