Frictionless cross-border fulfillment for e-commerce

Focus on sales - leave logistics to us

Step 1


We inbound your stock within approx. 24 hours.

We offer various inbound options: per piece, per case pack, per pallet, per container.

Products are weighed and measured at the inbound stage, and thanks to these precise measurements and the technology we use, we optimize all subsequent stages of the fulfillment process.

After taking measurements, the products are scanned into the system (we use EAN and SSCC codes) and then placed in the warehouse.

Step 2


In our fulfillment centers we store products according to your requirements.

We make sure your products are in perfect condition (we ensure the cleanliness of the fulfillment centers and your products, monitor the temperature in the warehouses, monitor expiration dates and batch numbers, etc.).

We guarantee the safety of your stock (24/7 security, monitoring, alarm systems, limited access zones, etc.).

We have a full logistics infrastructure for e-commerce fulfillment - it meets the needs of online stores from various industries (e.g. fashion shelves, metal shelves, hangers, limited access zones, "high storage", etc.).

Thanks to precise measurements taken at the inbound stage, as well as the technology and developed fulfillment processes, we use the warehouse space as efficiently as possible, which translates into lower storage costs for you.

Step 3

Pick & pack

All orders are sent to us automatically, thanks to the integration of your online store with our fulfillment system.

We process orders as they come in. We optimize picking paths, which translates into savings for you.

Orders are packed according to your guidelines (we can use branded packaging materials, inserts, and create virtual sets for dedicated promotional campaigns).

We also offer our own packaging, e.g. creased cardboard boxes, thanks to which we can create 24 package sizes out of 6 box types, which optimizes consumption and fulfillment costs.

Each step is scanned, which allows us to avoid errors and at the same time monitor the amount of materials used, which results in precise billing for you.

Step 4


Order fulfillment to 40+ countries.

We offer 1-day delivery to e.g. Germany and Poland, and we reach other European countries in 1-4 days.

We cooperate with all major courier companies, which gives you a wide selection of delivery methods at competitive prices.

Couriers arrive several times a day, even after 8 PM, and late pick-up means more orders sent on the same day.

Step 5


We offer full returns handling service.

When receiving a return, we check each product according to your instructions (e.g. are the clothes clean, is the cosmetic packaging intact, etc.).

We can carry out minor repairs or refreshing (e.g. ironing).

Full-value products are repackaged and re-sold.

The entire fulfillment process is fully transparent. Although you are not in the fulfillment center personally, you can see all documents, photos and completed activities in the system in real time.

A pallet of additional services

In the area of e-commerce logistics, we can accomplish just about anything. We offer a wide range of additional fulfillment services that we can provide even for large volumes - for example:

product identification

quality control


minor repairs

(including tailoring, filter replacement)



Upon special request, we can extend the entire logistics process by an additional step - this is how we introduced the product engraving service for one of our merchants.

Don't see the service you’re interested in? No worries. Just ask. Reach out to us here!

Onboarding in just 2-4 weeks

We will guide you through the onboarding process quickly and efficiently. Onboarding time depends on the complexity of the logistics processes involved and your availability, but may take as little as 2-4 weeks. During this time, we will help you with system integration, as well as inbound stock, and establish detailed instructions for packaging, handling returns and much more. All of this to achieve frictionless e-commerce fulfillment so you can focus on sales.


2 modern logistics centers

Warsaw - Nadarzyn

Close to the Warsaw Okęcie Cargo airport, the A2 motorway and the S8, S7 and S2 routes

Gorzow Wielkopolski

At the German-Polish border (130 km to Berlin, 100 km to Szczecin)

  • Modern and ecological warehouses

    Energy-saving and ecological class A fulfillment centers with BREEAM certification

  • Infrastructure tailored to the needs of e-commerce businesses from various industries

    Full logistics infrastructure for e-commerce fulfillment (e.g. fashion shelves, metal shelves, hangers, limited access zones, "high storage", etc.)

  • Certificates (including BIO-EKO)

    We can handle food products, cosmetics, health & beauty aids, and dietary supplements - including those of ecological origin: BIO-EKO

  • Close proximity to key transport hubs

    Fulfillment centers located in strategic points that guarantee quick shipment of parcels throughout Europe and globally

  • Multiple courier arrivals and late pickup

    Fulfillment centers are operating from 6 AM to 10 PM, and during sales peaks also on weekends. Orders can be packed and shipped the same day, couriers collect them even after 8 PM

  • Full automation and lower costs

    Fully automated fulfillment processes based on the latest technologies ensure maximum efficiency and translate directly into savings for you

  • Cleanliness and the safety of your products

    We take care of the cleanliness of the fulfillment centers and the condition of your products (HEPA filters, regular cleaning, controlled temperature). The highest level of security is ensured by 24/7 protection, monitoring and alarms


E-commerce fulfillment in Europe and across the globe

Thanks to our full cross-border infrastructure, shipping orders to foreign markets is possible from the very first day of cooperation:

we have already sent 8 million parcels

we offer order fulfillment to 40+ countries

1-day delivery to e.g. Germany and Poland

delivery in 1-4 days to other European countries

support in legal and tax matters (e.g. VAT / VAT OSS registration, customs clearance)


Error-free order processing even during sales peaks

With us, you can be sure that your customers will receive the right orders. We guarantee timely order processing even during busy periods such as Black Friday and Christmas

  • 99.96% Perfect Order Ratio

    Level of error-free order fulfillment

  • Logistics and customer experience at the level of global giants

    Amazon-level operational excellence available to small e-commerce businesses

  • Fulfillment processes developed over years

    We’ve been supporting e-commerce since 2016

  • Perfectly trained staff

    250+ people combining e-commerce, logistics and technology experience

  • Full support

    A dedicated Merchant Support team works for you straight from the fulfillment center

  • Tech-driven automation

    Scans, systems, instructions on monitors, etc.

  • Multiple touchpoints

    Tight control of the process eliminates errors


Optimizing your logistics costs

You only pay for the space you actually used and the packages you sent

Fulfillment provides business flexibility. You pay for services based on actual usage - proportionally to the number of orders handled by the fulfillment center. This means you turn fixed logistics costs into variable costs

Easy to scale your business

We adjust resources to the current number of orders. Managing seasonality or expansion becomes very simple for you. You just tell us what your needs are and we provide space and staff to meet them at our fulfillment centers

30% lower logistics costs

You save on warehouse costs, employee hiring and training, technology and more. You also benefit from our reduced courier and packaging rates

Fixed price guarantee

As prices increase everywhere around us, you pay a fixed fee for all fulfillment services throughout the year


24/7 access to logistics operations

You have access to all logistics operations through our easy to use Merchant Portal. In real time you can see information on all stages of the fulfillment process: inbound, orders, returns, and current stock status. The data is updated on an ongoing basis, giving you a full view of the logistics of your e-commerce, while streamlining contact with customers and improving customer experience.


Easy integration with e-commerce sales platforms

We provide an API that allows you to easily integrate our WMS system with your store - regardless of which sales platform you use. We are also constantly developing a database of dedicated integrations. Thanks to system integration, orders placed by your customers are sent to us automatically - you do not have to perform any additional actions. Our team takes care of order fulfillment as those orders come in. You can always track the progress of work in the Merchant Portal.

Learn more about online integrations


Fulfillment of orders placed on marketplaces

We offer e-commerce fulfillment services for orders sold on marketplaces. We handle those orders according to your guidelines and the restrictions of each marketplace.

Don't see the marketplace you’re interested in? No worries. Just ask. Reach out to us here!


The largest courier companies in one place

Working with Omnipack, you can offer your customers more delivery options at the best prices.

Focus on sales - leave logistics to us

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