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What to Do at Home During a Pandemic? #stayhome and Support Local Brands

Being forced to spend time at home doesn’t mean hours spent on Netflix, embroidering, or learning a new language for everyone. However, regardless of what your typical “to-do” list looks like today, we all need some time off and only for ourselves. We can use it to support local brands.


Table of contents:


1. Health

2. Care & beauty

3. Time for the youngest ones

4. Refreshing the interior

5. Time to relax


We are fully aware that for many of you, every free moment is worth its weight in gold and others are looking for ways to use your current time effectively. We have prepared a list of ideas for #stayhome time – not only for those who are bored, but also for those who are worried or overworked.


In this article, we show you some fun ways to spend your free time… using our clients’ products. However, this is not a sponsored article! We present Polish brands that, in our opinion, offer the highest quality products and work hard for their success. In the current situation each, even a single purchase counts a lot. #stayhome, buy securely online, and support local brands!


#1 Health

Source: Facebook Jadłosfera and Facebook Cardio Bunny


Health mainly consists of healthy food and some exercise.


For many people, work, meetings, and going out in the city make it hard to pursue a healthy and balanced diet. Now, they face a completely new perspective. Today, “sitting” at home means that we can plan relatively regular meals. We can cook them using the time in the evening when we’d usually be in a cinema, pub or at the gym. To get you inspired, we recommend the mouthwatering products and recipes from Jadłosfera.


Movement and sports make up the second pillar of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to go to the gym for a long time, and for the last few days, rollerblading along the Vistula river, jogging in parks, or riding a bike (for purely recreational purposes) was out of option. However, nothing prevents you from exercising at home. What’s more – nothing prevents you from exercising and feeling attractive.


The fact that no one will see us except our partner, children, cat, or a curious neighbour doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t look good! It’s worth taking a look at Cardio Bunny and checking out their shorts outfits – especially since you can often come across a promotional campaign and buy something at a bargain price.


We can also hunt for a stylish dress to wear during a moment of relaxation (after exercise) or business calls 😉 


#2 Care & beauty

Source: PandaWanda.pl, Ekopolka.pl


For those who have more time for themselves than parents of young children (especially in the bathroom), quarantine can be a good time to look after their beauty and wellbeing. Although we can’t use the services of a hairdresser, barber, or beautician, there are many things we can take care of on our own!


Panda Wanda is one of the first eco-friendly cosmetics brands that we have welcomed among our clients (and as we followed this philosophy, more of them joined us with time). The brand sells ethically-made, vegan products in the spirit of zero waste for both body and spirit care, and even our flats and our pets. What’s more, each order means one planted tree thanks to the cooperation of Panda Wanda with the Eden Reforestation Project. You can stay at home, take care of yourself, and plant trees at the same time!


Panda Wanda is currently running an action supporting Polish brands >>


Ekopolka is also a cosmetics store that has caring about the environment in its brand DNA. It’s not only a store but also a community focused on a closed Facebook group. Everything is the work of this team: Ola (30), Artur (35), Marek (8), and Matylda (4), who only recommend products that they themselves have used. Have a look at the Ekopolka blog, and you’ll find a lot of inspiration for conscious home care. The blog is full of specific advice, which we can use more free time to really take care of our skin or hair. 


Here are some examples:



Last but not least – something for men! As we know, barbers have been temporarily closed, so we have to take beards or moustaches in our own hands. Beard Shop is a Warsaw-based salon and the first Polish online store for bearded people. Check the store’s website to find guides that help in the home care of facial hair:



#3 Time for the youngest ones

Source: Malama.pl, Mamissima.pl, Tumilu.pl


We realize how many parents feel irritated when they hear another 100 great ideas for playing with kids without leaving their homes. That’s why we decided to show you some really useful and simple inspirations:


A. Creative games


We often envy children for their unfettered creativity. Kids can play with a seemingly trivial object for hours and invent new play scenarios around it. It’s worth strengthening this skill in a child through the right classes:


  • Tumilu.pl, famous for its educational fairy tales, has launched a special action in which every week on Tumilu – paint with us; it provides new coloring pages (for children of different ages). The pictures refer to heroes known to readers from the Tumil Valley, which is why they are a great addition to Tumil’s books.
  • On Malama.pl, in turn, we will find ready-made creative sets for children of various age categories: Malama – Creative sets


B. We pretend to be parents


Children are curious about what their mom and dad do. The older ones might disrupt our “idle” sitting in front of the computer or on the phone, and the younger ones are fascinated by cooking or workshop work. If we have the opportunity, of course, it’s smart to invite them into our world. And in situations where we can’t afford it, we can help them play adults:



C. Activeness at home 


The most difficult challenge in the current situation is to provide the right dose of movement for our children. On the one hand, we should do that for health reasons, and on the other – to unload their inexhaustible energy resources. Living in an apartment, often with or without a small balcony, makes it really difficult. However, don’t get discouraged – kids will always find their ways to use their expanding energy. Maybe not exactly in ways we would dream about …



#4 Refreshing the interior

Source: 9desing.pl, Yestersen.pl, Unsplash.com


For the busiest of us, the current situation is the first time in weeks when they can… look around their apartment or house calmly. And this makes them feel like changing something. Fortunately, the furniture industry is thriving online and refutes the myth that you have to see it before buying.


Some people prefer doing spring cleaning in the wardrobe, window cleaning, or replanting flowers. Others go further – change the color of the walls or throw away old furniture and buy new ones. Given the forced time spent at home, this year was full of orders typical for the early spring. On the 9design blog, you can find a guide to the “spring organizational action” that will help you change the most important home spaces.


There is another group of people who introduce significant changes in the interior design of – those who didn’t need furniture to work from home before. The first pain in the spine or neck and tired eyes forces them to look around for a suitable chair, desk, or lighting. Working on the couch can be pleasant, but for our bodies, it might become difficult or even harmful. You can find many interesting inspirations in this topic at Yestersen.


PS. Both stores – 9design and Yestersen – are concepts that focus on the original design and the highest quality of products. They sell furniture designed around the world, but in the current situation, they particularly support Polish designers. On this occasion, we also recommend an interview with Anna Dobrzycka, the owner of 9design, about the current situation of the industry.


#5 Time to relax

Source: Ugearsmodels.pl, Unsplash.com


For many of us (not for all), the world has slowed down a bit. You can read a book that has long been part of your “tower of shame,” you can listen to old records, or play chess. 


There’s also time for development – you can reach for books, e.g., Marek Skoczylas (his “Neutralize chemistry from food and regain health” also helps to take care of our health, which we discussed in the first point). Another idea is Sor-Man – in addition to literature, especially for parents, educators, and psychologists, you can also find a development game and online courses.


And if we’re reading a book, a cup of tea or coffee and nice lighting are key. As for the first, we recommend 2drink.pl knowledge base and recipes. 2drink is associated with more “party” products, but as you can see, it offers a different product range as well. At the moment, we still have to wait for summer events, during which we will use bartending sets.


The soy Twinkle Candle will provide us with adequate lighting. Fragrances such as cappuccino, raspberries with cream or lime cola will put you in a better mood and definitely make your moments at home more pleasant. If we have to stay at home, let’s take care of a little bit of luxury!


For fans of model making and those who have never tried but would like to, we recommend Ugears Models. It’s a great alternative for puzzles that have recently become more popular. Ugears Models are not only calming and focusing tools but also small works of art.


For those who miss the dartboard games with friends somewhere between the second and third beer, we recommend products like Darter180. For beginners, Darter has prepared articles that help to learn about darts and choose the right products:



We hope that you will find something for yourself on this list, and the time spent at home will be even more pleasant and valuable for you. #stayhome and support local brands!

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