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New for Gepetto: Customer Service and Eyeglass Repair

Omnipack has been working with the Gepetto brand for two months. It was clear from the very start that this would be a rewarding collaboration for both sides - you can read about our initial co-operation here>> Since then, we’ve only built on this success by launching two more services - eyeglass repair and customer service.


#1 In-house eyeglass servicing


Eyeglasses are highly sensitive to the “dangers” of transport. Despite differing packaging methods and materials that can be used to protect the product (e.g. securing with paper or cardboard, or the use of warning stickers), the products will sometimes be damaged. Anything can happen during the journey from the warehouse to the customer's home or even in the case of return to the warehouse. What's more, the fashion industry has a high rate of returns, so the problem of damaged products poses quite a challenge.


It’s impossible to completely eliminate all damage to goods in transport - but you can often fix many problems with the product. Not every pair of broken eyeglasses  — those, for example, with a broken earpiece or a lost screw — need to head straight to the garbage heap. This is why we have created a service station in our warehouse that operates according to strict guidelines established by the brand. What does this look like?



There is a dedicated person at our service station who has been trained according to Gepetto guidelines in order to efficiently analyze and eliminate the most frequent reasons for product damage, e.g. the lack of a screw or nose pads. Each pair of eyeglasses, regardless of whether they were returned by the customer (e.g. when they turned out to be broken) or put into repair as part of Gepetto’s service plan (after 14 days the customer is entitled to a free exchange of the product) undergoes a preliminary verification after re-admission to the warehouse.


The process of repair and re-acceptance of the stock is as follows:


  1. Damage verification and on-site repair
  2. Cleaning of the glasses, and polishing of the lenses
  3. Packing in new foil and recoding the product

The most common problems our service personnel must deal with include: tightening the screws, attaching new “nose pads", replacing the earpieces and changing the frames. In addition, when repaired, all eyeglasses are cleaned, re-packaged, and, after receiving a new stock code, are once again sold in the online store.


#2 End to end customer service

Our continuing collaboration with the Gepetto brand has resulted in another new initiative — in addition to orders, warehousing, returns handling and product repairs, Omnipack has also instituted an end to end customer service team.


Our dedicated team has been trained to respond to phone and email enquiries on the following: product specifics, payment methods, delivery options, order fulfillment status, and returns handling, etc. The minimum response time is 48 hours, but so far all inquiries have been handled and resolved the same day.


The main benefit of this solution is the team’s direct contact with the warehouse — strictly speaking, the physical presence of those in the warehouse who are able to respond to customer inquiries. As a result, monitoring of each individual order is extremely efficient. The customer service team’s close integration with the warehouse and returns service means a very efficient response time. The team also has close contact with the Gepetto team, and, with our online ticket management tool, Gepetto can monitor the operation in real time.


At Gepetto, we always put the needs of our clients first and centre. We believe that every action in our store should be dedicated to increasing customer satisfaction. In this case, the fact that all the elements are in one place, and that those entrusted with handling each element of this puzzle are in direct contact, allowing us to react to any queries or problems as quickly as possible.
Kacper Grabowski, COO Gepetto



About the Gepetto brand


The Gepetto brand was founded in 2013 by design graduates from the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts. It was one of the first companies to introduce corrective eye glasses and sunglasses with wooden components to the Polish market. The brand is distinguished by its original design and every product – from the sketch, to the prototype, and all the way to the final version — is closely monitored by the company’s designers.


Gepetto is worn by Polish stars, including Kuba Wojewódzki, Szymon Majewski, Dawid Woliński, Maffashion, Macademian Girl, and Katarzyna Bujakiewicz. More: gepetto.shop

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