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Botanics, Dermocosmetics and Logistics. Case study: Kamedis

Kamedis is the groundbreaking dermocosmetic brand behind an award-winning collection of clinically-proven, dermatologist-tested botanical skincare products. Founded in 2003 by expert TCM practitioner Roni Kramer, Kamedis combines ancient wisdom with state-of-the-art modern know-how to relieve chronic skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, seborrhea, psoriasis, and more. The result is an exclusive collection of dermocosmetics that brings together East and West, tradition, innovation and safety. The name of the brand itself says a lot about the company since Kamedis is a compound phrase where “Kai’, which in Chinese means beginning/innovation, and “Medis”, which refers to the medical purpose of the products.


Kamedis is positioned at a unique intersection, creating effective dermocosmetics products with proven botanical formulas based on years of in-depth research and extensive clinical testing. Kamedis offers not only revolutionary products, but also a completely different approach to skincare. Ninety percent of the products are vegan-friendly, all of the products free of paraben, SLS and dyes

Source: Kamedis


Dermocosmetics are products that require special conditions not only in the production process but in logistics as well. Needless to say, this type of product has its own rules and regulations. What are Kamedis' logistical needs and what convinced them to cooperate with Omnipack?


Logistics for dermocosmetics


Kamedis is a global brand, which means that strategic warehouse location plays a crucial role in providing quick shipments to all countries around the world. At the beginning of their cooperation with Omnipack, they operated mainly from Israel and the United States. The next step in scaling their business was finding a partner who could handle shipments within the European Union. This is how our cooperation began.

Source: Kamedis


There are 3 reasons why we chose Omnipack. First of all,  fast and simple integration with our Shopify platform. Secondly, they showed great flexibility during our early meetings and the preparation of the offer. Finally, they provided incredible care during the implementation - such support continues even today during our day-to-day cooperation.

Hani Biton

Director of Operations, Kamedis


Handling 2 sales streams: B2C & B2B


Omnipack handles both B2C and B2B orders. In the case of B2C there were two crucial aspects:


●   Sustainability: Kamedis attaches great importance to sustainability. The whole philosophy of the brand is based on natural, plant-based ingredients. Therefore, we tried to reflect similar values in logistics. Card boxes used to ship their products are made of 100% recycled materials.

●  Delivery time: Kamedis products are placed in our warehouse in Gorzów Wielkopolski, which is located near the German border. The location of the warehouse is considered to be “a window on Europe” and allows us to provide a next-day delivery to Germany and 3-4-day delivery to other countries.


Kamedis also needed delivery and distribution support for sales made under the B2B model. What does the preparation process look like in this case?


A Kamedis representative prepares a detailed list of products from the order, which includes the amount of products, their serial numbers and expiry dates. Then, an Omnipack employee checks if the necessary products are in our warehouse.  Later on, the list is uploaded to our integration system - Way2Send. After preparing and packing the goods, our employees take photos of the pallet and measure it so that its shipment can be priced. Now, the pallet is ready to be taken by the courier company.


Expiration date monitoring: FEFO


Cosmetics products have expiration dates. We suggested that Kamedis ship their products according to FEFO, which means first expired, first out (the product with the shortest expiry date is the first one to be sent). Such an approach allows companies to maximize the use of product resources and minimize expiration losses. How does it work in practice?


During accepting the delivery of goods, we scan every product, which enables us to keep information about the products’ use-by dates in our WMS. Later on, when picking an order, we collect goods with the shortest expiry date. Products with a longer use-by date are kept in multi-level storage to optimize the warehousing space.


Partner relationship


We truly believe that partnership is an important pillar of cooperation with our clients. Our relationship with Kamedis was successful from day one, both in terms of everyday work and non-standard situations which have taken place during our cooperation.  We’ve handled customs and together and developed a packing method which minimizes the risk of damage during shipment. Our cooperation with Kamedis shows that mutual understanding and a proactive approach is key to success.


Summing up


Logistics for the cosmetics industry, next to logistics for fashion brands, is our specialty. 


Our cooperation with Kamedis gives us an opportunity not only to provide an efficient service but also to thrive and grow as a company. We look forward to supporting them as they enter new markets and expand their reach across Europe. Our plans include handling orders for Amazon in the FBA model.  

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