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Express way to online - how Olsen built an online store in 13 days

Olsen is a brand of high-quality clothing for women who  like to follow trends, but value comfort just as much as how things look, whilst making environmentally-conscious shopping choices. The 17 Olsen stores and, recently, the eolsen.pl online store, offer 20 different collections and 6 limited Designer Choice collections throughout the year.


The online store was opened very quickly in 13 days! The retail industry was hit hard by the pandemic, and Olsen realised consumers were more likely to buy online. The coronavirus was the trigger to accelerate Olsen's plans to create an online store in Poland. From mid-April 2020, Olsen customers have been able to find inspiration, shop all clothing collections and get their wardrobe summer-ready - all without leaving home.


Olsen - beauty has no age or size


Olsen is a German fashion brand that operates in over 20 countries around the world. Its products are aimed primarily at women in the 35+ age group, focusing on high quality clothes and a wide size (34-48). Thanks to this, every woman can find the perfect product for herself. The brand embraces body positivity, celebrating the idea that every body is beautiful, regardless of shape or age.


Olsen consciously and consistently builds the brand on these values. Sustainability is equally important. Olsen designers know that fashion should go hand in hand with a valuable message, and use ecological solutions for their production wherever possible. That’s why some of the collections are based on recycled fibers, others are made of wood and wood pulp, obtained only from certified and controlled sources. The rest of the collection is sewn from high-quality natural fabrics, which, due to their longevity, also fit in with the philosophy of caring for the welfare of the planet.


Olsen's Internet Success


At the beginning of April 2020, there was a silent launch of the online store. Olsen informed the participants of the Loyalty Club first. 

We can safely say that the results of eolsen.pl from day one are a huge success. The positive reaction of our loyal and new customers has shown us how important the online channel is for Olsen,

Katarzyna Radwańska

Managing Director Olsen Poland


Source: https://eolsen.pl/


Beginning of cooperation between Olsen and Omnipack


As the online channel grew, Olsen made the decision to hand the warehouse and parcel handling over to Omnipack. We wanted to offer Olsen brand logistics solutions tailored to the fashion industry and the high expectations of consumers.




We have located the brand's products in our newest logistics center in Gorzów Wielkopolski. It is 6,500 m2 of modern space that perfectly meets the needs of the very demanding e-commerce industry. The location of the warehouse enables express shipping, not only throughout Poland, but also in neighbouring Germany.




We focused on a space adapted to the fashion industry - cardboard shelves, which are perfect for storing various products. With 20 Olsen collections a year and a broad size range, there is a lot to store - currently there are over 2,000 products! The SKU card file has been supplemented with detailed descriptions of clothes, which allows us to correctly identify stock in the warehouse and eliminate errors during order picking.


Packing orders


In our warehouse we have special stands for packing orders. All the necessary products, such as cardboard packaging or tapes, are at hand, which facilitates effective and aesthetic packaging.

The vast majority of orders are made by customers of the online store. However, for the Olsen brand, we also operate a B2B stream, in which deliveries to the brand's outlets are made. These orders include several hundred items of products, which are manually loaded into the system and then sent to the appropriate showroom.




Thanks to the cooperation with Omnipack, Olsen has been able to offer its customers a wide range of shipping options. Depending on their preferences, they can choose between the following couriers: DHL, DPD, Inpost and delivery to the DHL pickup point and Inpost parcel lockers.


Handling returns


The fashion industry has one of the highest return rates in the entire eCommerce sector. We have proposed solutions proven in this area. The returned goods are carefully assessed by our employees and, if they have been returned intact, are returned to the warehouse shelves after refreshing. To make the entire process more user-friendly, a return form and a complaint form are added to each order.




Olsen is a brand that knows that fashion and ecology can go hand in hand. Its wide product portfolio includes clothes made of Repreve® and ECOVERO ™ fabrics. The first is made of fibers recovered from plastic bottles, the second is viscose made of wood and wood pulp obtained only from certified and controlled sources. Olsen also uses organic cotton, which is cultivated using much less water and without the use of pesticides, which makes the material friendly not only to the planet, but also to our body. The brand also focuses on "vegan leather", ie ecological leather made of synthetic fibers. Products using one of the ecological technologies are distinguished by a special logo:

Caring for the environment also extends into logistical issues. Orders are shipped in environmentally friendly cardboard boxes, the production of which does not require the use of harmful dyes. We do not use any fillers for packaging, instead Omnipack employees cut the cartons to reduce empty space in the packaging, which is important from the point of view of optimization during transport. Instead of plastic adhesive tape, the brand uses a paper version. This approach is definitely the future of the fashion industry!


Online channel development plans


Olsen is working on new solutions within the sales platform to ensure an increasingly better experience for customers with the brand and the purchasing process. Ensuring a high standard of delivering products to customers is invariably an important element of the online development strategy, and we hope to be able to accompany the brand in these plans as well.


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