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Competitive advantage

Using Omnipack is not only a financial advantage but also a competitive advantage. Same-day/next-day delivery solutions are becoming a standard in the industry, which, especially with a large volume of orders, are difficult to complete on your own, and are expected by a vast majority of consumers. In addition, the fulfilment provides you with unlimited possibilities to pack your orders. Personalized tickets, colorful blotting paper, or product samples are just some of the options we provide. These seemingly trivial details are what establishes consumer loyalty and commitment.


A characteristic feature of a significant portion of the eCommerce sector is seasonality. The fourth quarter of the year is usually a period of increased sales, thanks to occasions such as Black Friday and Christmas. Not to mention the shops, which, because of the assortment they sell, are prone to large fluctuations depending on the season - e.g., swimsuits or ski equipment. What will you do if you suddenly find out that you have to handle several times more orders? In case of running logistics yourself, you need to arrange more space, hire additional staff, and take care of the stock of packing materials. Thanks to Omnipack, you can forget about these problems completely. We are prepared for changes in sales. Moreover, scalability is an advantage not only in the case of seasonal peaks, but also in more of a prospective approach. As your business grows, it allows you to effectively handle an increasing number of orders.

Cost optimization

When you have your own warehouse, you pay a fixed fee for renting the space - no matter how many goods are stored there. Fulfilment allows you to convert fixed costs into variable costs, depending on the actual space your products occupy at any given time. In addition, we help you in periods when sales are lower - you only pay for packaged and shipped orders, so the fees decrease when fewer parcels are being sent. Moreover, by using Omnipack, you optimize your costs based on the economy of scale. With thousands of parcels leaving our warehouse every day, we can negotiate better rates, e.g., with carriers or packaging manufacturers.

Innovative technology

At Omnipack, we operate within a modern WMS (Warehouse Management System), which makes sure that the acceptance of deliveries, marking, placing products on shelves, or order picking works flawlessly and efficiently. It is tailored to the needs of the eCommerce industry and allows for seamless integration with all popular sales platforms. All this to make the order statuses visible to both the store's sales department and the warehouse staff. We also possess our own tools - the Merchant Portal as well as the Return Tool, which allow you to have an ongoing overview of warehouse operations and supervise the handling of the returns process.


Omnipack offers a wide range of benefits:

Turn fixed costs into variable costs

By using our services, you only pay for what you need. Variable costs make budgeting much easier.

Extend your markets

With attractive rates and express delivery across Europe and globally, we'll help you increase your sales.

Stay fully focused on growing your business

With logistics taken of, you can spend more of your time doing what matters most - growing your business.

Say goodbye to staffing headaches

No more worrying about managing staffing levels during busy or quiet periods, resourcing is our responsibility not yours.

Scale your business with ease

As your business grows, so does our relationship, with a fully flexible approach that lets you set the levels of activity as you need them.

Innovate instantly

With our industry-leading tools and years of experience, we'll help you make the optimal transformations for your business.

Stay in full control

Our warehouses might not be just around the corner, but they'll feel like it with access to 24/7 live overview through our dedicated portal.

We keep your customers happy and your business growing. Simple.

Discover how easy eCommerce fulfilment can be when you choose Omnipack to take care of logistics for you.

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