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Perfect, quickly and safely - how Omnipack takes care of quality in logistics

From the moment of clicking the "buy now" button to the final delivery of the product, a number of steps take place, some complicated, some less so. But one mistake is enough to ruin the whole positive shopping experience. Quality in logistics for eCommerce is key. How does Omnipack make sure that all orders reach customers quickly, safely and smoothly?


The difference between traditional logistics and fulfillment


Imagine that the labels were damaged on a number bottles during the wholesale shipment of water to a supermarket. It would be difficult to put such a product on sale and this would generate some losses, but in the scale of the entire enterprise,  microscopic ones. It is completely different in logistics for eCommerce. Even if a customer buys several products in one order and only one of them comes damaged, they are likely to have a negative view of the whole buying process. The same will be true if the package arrives late.


Logistics for eCommerce is very sensitive to any quality errors. That’s why it’s so important that there are as few as possible in the entire process. In small-scale operations, the risk of error is reduced - you have time to carefully inspect each package, check that it contains the correct products and ship it on time. Problems start to emerge with higher volumes. You will not be able to look after each package on your own. You need to hire employees, train them properly and constantly monitor the standard of their work. Alternatively, you can use the help of a professional operator such as Omnipack, which will give you the guarantee that your products will reach their recipients in perfect condition.


How do we ensure quality at Omnipack?


First of all, we care about correct processes, compliance with procedures and instructions at work stations.


We consider applications from our Merchants on an ongoing basis and carefully check the details. In the event of disputes, we check the monitoring recordings that show exactly how the order was packed. So we can say with 100% certainty whether a mistake has been made and at what point.


Every week, we prepare a list of reports and cause analysis using the 8D methodology. When we see that an area requires particular improvement, we make recovery plans.


Perfect Order Ratio


We measure the quality of our services using the Perfect Order Ratio index. It determines the percentage of orders shipped without any errors or mistakes.


Perfect Order Ratio = (all orders - claims accepted) / all orders * 100%


What factors lower the value of the index?


  • wrong assortment - sending the wrong product or product in the wrong size, color, etc.
  • wrong carrier - sending products using the wrong courier, which results in a delay in the service
  • incorrect packaging - applies to orders packed contrary to the packaging instructions or damage caused by incorrect packaging
  • incorrect process control - quality irregularities in the product that were overlooked during the quality control (applies only to Merchants who have the assortment quality control service when delivering products to the warehouse)


We monitor the Perfect Order Ratio index separately for each of our two warehouses. We also check the types of errors to know exactly which areas need improvement.


In Omnipack, we can boast a result of 99.95% effective order processing. Which means that out of 10,000 orders prepared by us, 9,995 are completely flawless!





We have also built an entire team responsible for ensuring and improving the quality level of our logistics operations. We have two Quality Specialists who, among others, consider and analyze complaints submitted by customers. Our Quality Assurance Manager has been in charge of quality since last year. This role is responsible for development activities as part of building the quality system and e for supervising the system's compliance with the requirements. This includes legal regulations, implemented certificates and provisions of contracts with customers.




If you fulfill more than 1000 orders per month, you may notice that from time to time you send incorrect products or do not package the shipment correctly. This is a definite sign that it is worth seeking support from professionals. At Omnipack, we carefully analyze the quality of our services and make every effort to improve it even further, every day. With us, you can be sure that your products will reach your customers in perfect condition, quickly and safely!

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