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Warehousing and Distribution: eCommerce Fulfillment in Europe

Between the time you order something online and when it shows up at your door, there’s an important logistics process in between that makes online shopping possible. Read about the role of warehousing and distribution and how eCommerce operations benefit from working with a logistics specialist.

E-commerce Fulfillment Provider: 15 questions you should ask when looking for a fulfillment partner

Selecting a logistics partner is an important decision and that’s why you need to ask these 15 questions up front before you make a choice. From the obvious to a few things you probably haven’t thought of, it’s all here.

Using Allegro as an online sales channel

Allegro’s English-language version opens access to a massive and growing market of consumers. For many online retailers, setting up on Allegro is a no-brainer but before getting started it’s worth becoming familiar with how the site operates and a few relevant details. Our guide to using Allegro as an online sales channel is the perfect introduction for anyone thinking about taking advantage of the opportunities made possible by this Polish eCommerce giant.

Omnipack helps to bring “eating healthy” to new markets

The experience of healthy cookbook publisher Jemy Zdrowo shows exactly what working with a logistics partner can do for a small business looking to grow across borders. Read this case study and see how their deliveries became faster and cheaper thanks to working with a cross-border specialist.

Why are packaging materials getting more expensive? A look at the causes of this problem and possible solutions

Packing materials are a fundamental if often overlooked part of eCommerce. That’s changing now due to the sudden and dramatic rise in their cost, which is driving changes throughout the industry. Read our new post to learn why this is happening along with tips for dealing with this new, more expensive reality.
Cross-border sales

International eCommerce: what is it and how to sell globally?

If you to plan to scale up your eCommerce operation, there is no better, faster way that focusing on international sales. Read our post about the issues that need to be addressed before you jump into new markets across borders.

What is a stock audit and how is it performed?

While there’s no one standard way of conducting a stock audit, they are still essential for gaining an accurate picture of your business and financial performance. Read about the most common ways to count inventory and what’s involved in the process.

Logistics trends to look for in 2022

2022 will be an eventful year in the logistics industry. Read our post to learn what trends will make the biggest waves and bring the most important changes.