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Warehousing and Distribution: eCommerce Fulfillment in Europe

At the mention of online shopping, almost everyone thinks of either the fun of selecting a product in an online store or the excitement of having it delivered to your door. But there is another key aspect to eCommerce that links these two parts of the overall experience. It’s crucial to making it all happen even if it’s not the most glamorous part — warehousing and distribution. 


Buyers and sellers alike rely on this essential service to move products from online carts to their final real-world destinations. You could say that warehousing and distribution services are the backbone of the entire eCommerce industry while being the most overlooked part at the same time. 


Let’s use the example of Omnipack to illustrate just what the warehousing and distribution services provided by a logistics partner do for eCommerce businesses.


Warehousing services — Why they are essential to your eCommerce


eCommerce warehousing is what makes every online sale and home delivery happen faster, more efficiently and without disruption to the way online businesses work. 


For the vast majority of online retailers, especially small and medium-sized operations, dealing with the unique challenges of storing and shipping the items they sell is outside their area of expertise. Creating and maintaining an effective website, dealing with product selection and presentation, writing content marketing, promoting the site in all the right places — these and a thousand other things are what you spend your time on when you’re running an eCommerce operation. 


Warehousing requires space, staff and other things, like technical resources, that can create a lack of focus in the core area of the business. Doing your own warehousing and shipping can be like building a completely different business on top of your first one, a business that requires a completely different skill set. 


When your warehousing and shipping isn’t functioning at high speed, that’s where delays, problems and, most importantly, customer dissatisfaction start. No matter how amazing your website is and no matter how much customers love your product, if your warehousing isn’t run by people who know what they’re doing (and have the resources to do it), your eCommerce can never reach its full potential. 


Why choose Omnipack as your logistics partner? 


First and foremost, we are specialists in the field and have extensive knowledge of the needs of eCommerce after more than a decade of working closely with online stores of all sizes. We don’t just store and ship anything, we store and ship for a wide variety of brands and goods that are successful in the online space. 


Omnipack also offers comprehensive support for eCommerce. This means working together every step of the way, from intaking new inventory directly to our shelves to storing it, picking & packing orders, shipping them and even handling returns. If you haven’t considering the time and resources often required just to handle returns, that alone is frequently a reason to outsource your logistics needs to a specialist. 


Logistics providers like Omnipack can also save you money by offering much lower shipping rates and conditions that you would otherwise have access to. Thanks to our large volume of packages and centralized pick-up, we can negotiate much more favorable terms than you would get by simply mailing customer orders through a local post office. 


Working with an eCommerce logistics fulfillment provider also means faster deliveries to your customers. Long delivery times are a customer experience killer. With next-day delivery options and max 3-day delivery in the EU, you can meet customer expectations better with an eCommerce logistics specialist. 


We also offer extra and personalized services to fit your preferences and those of your customers. This means the use of special packing materials or processes to fit your brand experience or access to eco-friendly materials to align with the values of an increasingly large segment of consumers for whom this is an important consideration. 

These reasons are just the start of the conversation. To learn more about how we can specifically help you and your business, talk to the Omnipack Sales team today.

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Omnipack’s warehouses are the perfect base for your eCommerce


At Omnipack, we currently manage more than 25,000 square meters of Class A, BREEAM-certified warehouse space in two facilities ideally located to service all of Europe. 


Working with us means access to the space, which means not having to rent, furnish and operate your own storage facility. With us, your products are safe, insured and wait in climate-controlled comfort until they are shipped out. 


As a logistics provider, Omnipack quickly fulfills orders as they come in, using just the right packing materials to ensure the item’s safe transport while not wasting materials on unnecessary packaging. We do this at an accuracy rate of over 99.95%, minimizing errors to industry-leading levels.


We get your customer orders into the hands of courier services immediately, not after they sit for some time as they would at a local post office, at an advanced stage in the courier’s transport process. As a partner, you have real-time insights into the status of all orders through integrated access that we provide in the onboarding process. When a customer asks about the status of a shipment, you’ll have an answer! 


Thinking about making the change to working with a logistics provider that can take work off your shoulders, let you concentrate on what you’re best at and do it all while saving you money and making your customers happier?


Reach out to us and let’s talk about how Omnipack can streamline logistics and help your business grow!

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  • What is eCommerce warehousing?

    eCommerce warehousing in Europe involves using a facility to store retail inventory and send orders to customers from that facility. It allows the eCommerce operation to focus on what they do best and outsource the logistics of fulfilling orders to specialists.

  • How should you organize your eCommerce distribution?

    If you operate an online store in Europe, you benefit from partnering with a fulfillment service in a number of ways. Outsourcing order fulfillment means you do not need to worry about the financial and operational aspects of storing, packing and sending the items you sell. You can save money thanks to the much more competitive shipping rates that logistics centers can obtain and your operation remains leaner and better able to focus on your core mission of selling and marketing your products. Your customers benefit from faster, more reliable delivery, which, in today’s eCommerce market, is essential to maintaining a good customer experience. Delivery issues and delays are consistently rated among the top reasons why customers leave one vendor for another.

  • What is the best location for a fulfillment center?

    The best location for a fulfillment center in Europe is any place that allows for fast delivery to the greatest number of customers. This not only means geographical proximity, but easy access to transport routes and various components of larger delivery networks.

  • What are the functions of a fulfillment center?

    Fulfillment centers, or logistics warehouses, are places to store the items that are sold via online storefronts. They are optimized for the fast and easy fulfillment of orders, from picking and packing to shipping and even handling customer returns.

  • How much does fulfillment cost?

    Prices will vary according to a number of factors including the nature of the product that is stored and shipped, if any additional services are needed (special storage conditions or packing processes, etc.), the volume of merchandise involved and more. Prices are typically on a per-piece basis, meaning that your shipping costs rise and fall with fluctuations in the volume of orders you need to fulfill.

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