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We Are Wild partners with Omnipack to meet post-Brexit shipping challenges

We Are Wild is a UK-based brand of natural, sustainable unisex deodorants sold directly to online customers. Using nature’s finest ingredients and plastic-free refills, they definitely live up to their promise to be “kind to your skin and the planet”. Using a subscription model that sends their scented products right to customers’ doors, they quickly found a receptive market after launching two years ago. 


But success brings new challenges, especially when it comes to the logistics involved in scaling up an online business. Warehousing, inventory management, packing & sending and more — they can all quickly grow to a point where your original startup team is swamped with more work than they can handle. 


After selling more than three millions units to half a million customers, it was time to look for opportunities in new markets in Europe. 


On top of this, challenges created by Brexit added another layer of complications and problems. Shipping from the UK to European customers became increasingly complex, unreliable and costly, both in financial terms and in maintaining good customer relationships. 




Time for logistics help


When longer delivery times combined with the pressures of continued growth, We Are Wild knew that it was time to start looking for an EU-based fulfillment partner. Since selling in Europe was a vital part of their expansion plans, it made sense to work with an EU-based logistics partner. 


Recommendations from various industry professionals put Omnipack on We Are Wild’s radar. Getting in touch and being impressed with Omnipack’s professionalism and facilities was enough to start working together. 


Working with Omnipack has meant an immediate change in We Are Wild’s workflow and their ability to quickly get their product to customers. 


We are seeing much faster and more reliable delivery, which helps improve customer satisfaction and long term customer retention (...) Omnipack has a great team and their support makes it much easier to scale

Freddy Ward

Co-Founder and CEO of We Are Wild


More than just shipping packages


In addition to streamlining shipping and solving the Brexit issue by bringing We Are Wild closer to new and existing customers, working with Omnipack has come with other benefits. 


For example, starting work with Omnipack doesn’t necessarily mean changing your standards and practices to meet ours. In the case of We Are Wild, they came to us with certain procedures and expectations that we were happy to adapt to. 


This was particularly true of the packing process itself, which involves custom treatment that ensures just the customer experience that We Are Wild wants to deliver, which includes custom materials and inserts. A conversation as part of the onboarding process was enough to train Omnipack staff on the details of every package that goes out to We Are Wild customers. 


Omnipack also created a custom solution for organizing and labeling the various scents and case colors, which combine to create more than a thousand different packing combinations. When wide product ranges require complex solutions, Omnipack is ready to help.


We Are Wild Operations Manager Ceska Bailey participates in a webinar hosted by Omnipack on the topic of dealing with post-Brexit shipping issues.



More time to focus on the core of their business


Wild has more than halved delivery times and measurably improved delivery success. This is alongside over 80% growth since launching with Omnipack all whilst significantly reducing their costs of servicing Europe, which only takes two days and just one day to Germany.


Now, We Are Wild is not only more responsive and agile when it comes to fulfilling orders, they have more time as an organization to focus on customer care, outreach campaigns, product development and all the other factors that push a business forward without the distraction of logistics. 


Add to that their newfound ability to quickly put their unique products in the hands of customers in a huge new market. The future is bright for We Are Wild, and it smells great too! 

If you’re thinking about taking the same path as We Are Wild and starting cross-border sales, it’s time to talk to Omnipack about how we can help. 

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