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Cross-border sales

VAT-OSS for international e-commerce transactions

Cross-border expansion is an opportunity for online stores to significantly grow their customer base. At the same time, it creates new challenges. In addition to more complex logistics, international sales involve additional legal and tax obligations. A milestone in simplifying these issues is the VAT-OSS procedure. Learn what it is, how to use it, and what benefits it brings.

5 ways to reduce your e-commerce logistics costs

Inflation, international conflict, interrupted supply chains and the global economic crisis have caused an increase in labor costs, prices of raw materials, as well as rent and utilities. Loan installments and tax burdens are also increasing. All this means that not only are the costs of doing business higher, but that customers are also much less willing to open their wallets. The result is a reduced volume of orders. With high fixed costs, such as logistics costs for companies that use their own warehouse, this causes a decrease in business profitability. What areas of logistics are worth paying special attention to today and how can you increase the profitability of e-commerce in times of crisis?

Your own warehouse or fulfillment - what and when to choose?

There are many challenges in the e-commerce business, and one of the biggest is choosing an effective logistics model. Entrepreneurs at various stages of e-store development face a dilemma: invest in their own warehouse or use fulfillment services. This decision has a direct impact on the subsequent costs of running an online store and its scalability.

How can you make your e-store more eco-friendly? Ecologistics in a nutshell

Customers of e-commerce stores are paying more attention to environmental issues. This means that companies that sell online must adapt to growing consumer expectations. So how can you effectively introduce ecology into your own warehouse and what do you need to know before taking up this challenge?

Preparing for Sales Peaks in E-commerce – A Step-by-Step Guide for Online Stores

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, navigating through sales peaks can be quite a challenge. With each surge in demand, the door to unprecedented growth swings open, but only for those who are well-prepared. How to better position yourself for the huge challenge and opportunity that sales peaks present for every e-commerce operation?

Webinar I Mastering Q4: Get Your E-commerce Logistics Ready for the Coming Sales Peak

The biggest sales season of the year is just around the corner. Along with it comes the potential for unprecedented growth, but only for those who are well-prepared. Watch the video of the webinar and discover how to better position yourself for the huge challenge and opportunity that Black Week and the Holiday season presents for every e-commerce operation.

With Omnipack, Bond Touch bonds with more customers despite Brexit issues

UK-based online stores that want to access European markets can cut delivery times and red tape by working with EU-based logistics companies. Read how Bond Touch is able to sell to European customers with the help of Omnipack logistics fulfillment services.

Webinar: Faster, Better, Cheaper - Why Modern Warehousing is the Right Choice for Your E-commerce

Watch the video of the webinar and discover how using the most modern logistics facilities and processes translates into cost savings, faster deliveries and a better customer experience!