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Omnipack helps to bring “eating healthy” to new markets

Jemy Zdrowo (“We eat healthy”) started in the Czech Republic in 2015 with a mission to change the way we eat for the better. Finding their niche very quickly, they connected with an audience that was, well, hungry for delicious recipes for meals that were not only a pleasure to prepare but wholesome and healthy as well. 



They started out with a single cookbook, sending out a very impressive 150,000+ copies from a garage in their first few years. That is serious bootstrapping!


Expansion into the neighboring Polish market was a welcome sign of progress but also came with complications. Shipping prices were higher due to international rates, which directly impacted their bottom line. Those international shipments took longer to reach their destinations, which risked damage to the customer experience. 


On top of that, the price point in Poland was lower than elsewhere, which squeezed margins even more. Higher costs and lower revenues is always a recipe for trouble. 


In their fourth year, as they expanded their product line and pursued ambitions of international growth, Jemy Zdrowo understood very well how an upgrade in their logistics operations was a must. 


Practical and financial considerations led Jemy Zdrowo to recognize the benefits of outsourcing fulfillment duties to an organization that could secure lower shipping costs while ensuring faster deliveries due to better-situated warehouses. 


That’s when Jemy Zdrowo connected with Omnipack. Our attractive offer and recommendations from others are what first attracted Jemy Zdrowo and their onboarding and integration was simple and easy. 


Whereas previously they sent everything from their base in the Czech Republic and had to deal with cross-border logistics, they were now free to concentrate on other aspects of their business while letting Omnipack store, package and send their cookbooks to new customers all over the map. Right from the start of our cooperation, Jemy Zdrowo was saving money on each shipment while diverting their resources to efforts that would expand their business and attract new audiences. 


Today, Jemy Zdrowo’s cookbooks are reaching more customers than ever, faster than ever. Shipping costs are down, customers numbers are up and so is their satisfaction. Thanks to their continued growth and smooth experience with international expansion, Jemy Zdrowo is already planning on adding even more cookbooks and possibly introducing other products in the future. 


Overall our operations are faster than they were before, with shorter delivery times to customers, which makes them happier. Omnipack has proven to be a reliable partner that has helped us to grow to new international markets.

Petr Novák

CEO at Jemy Zdrowo


Small businesses can benefit from a logistics partner too!

Images from our warehouse - packing items for Jemy Zdrowo


Don’t make the mistake of thinking that only huge companies with thousands of daily shipments benefit from the expertise, specialization and other advantages of logistics partners. 


The experience of Jemy Zdrowo shows that small but growing companies operating online can also take advantage of the increased savings and service made possible by Omnipack. With just four SKUs and a simple packaging and shipment process for the product, Jemy Zdrowo fits quickly and easily into any logistics operation. 


If you operate online and ship even a modest amount of goods, especially across borders, you could be big enough to partner with a logistics operation that can take a significant workload off your shoulders, allow you to focus on your core business and improve customer satisfaction levels — all while saving you money in the process. 


If you’re dealing with issues of growth, cross-border logistics or just want to see how Omnipack can help to streamline your operations, reach out to us today and learn how you can enjoy the same benefits as Jemy Zdrowo:


  • Faster delivery times
  • Better shipping rates
  • A partner experienced in international expansion
  • Easier access to new markets 

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