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Magicbird flies to customers all over Europe in partnership with Omnipack

Magicbird designs and creates high-quality steel bird sculptures that add a nice artistic touch to lawns, gardens and other outdoor spaces. What started as an artist's project to connect with friends and loved ones quickly turned into a viable business as the unique creations of Magicbird found a niche among the public through very strong word of mouth.


Combining impressive creative talent, meticulous sculpting processes, fine details and durability in all weather environments, Magicbird has already developed a profile you would expect from much more established brands. Their product line has grown along with the expansion of the business, and now features nearly twenty unique options. With something for everyone, Magicbird offers a wide range of designs that let customers add a touch of style to their favorite natural spots. 

Turning art into a business 


After refining their sculpting and manufacturing processes, the Magicbird team brought some digital marketers on board because they understood that theirs was a product that needed to excel in online channels. Since modern eCommerce offers nearly unlimited opportunities to connect with consumers across borders and markets, this was not seen as a limitation. 


With their online marketing team in place and ready to go, there was just one last piece of the puzzle left. 

We needed a modern e-commerce oriented fulfillment company that knows how to handle high volumes. Luckily enough, you also were exactly who we were looking for!




The team at Magicbird understood that a dedicated fulfillment partner is crucial to online success. In addition to obvious things like storing, packing and shipping, professional logistics partners allow companies like Magicbird to stay focused on what they do best — manufacturing and marketing — without getting distracted by obligations outside their core competencies. 


When scaling up is a priority, especially for startups, being able to rely on fulfillment professionals is a massive time saver and lets your team stay lean and engaged with their top priorities. 


Working with Omnipack


Initially, Magicbird started with a fulfillment partner in Bulgaria, but it didn’t work out. Both in terms of geography, access to other European markets, the number of carriers and general access to transport routes, they quickly recognized Poland as a better option. 


The World Bank ranks Poland twenty-eighth in the world, ahead of Ireland, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria and others, on its Logistics Performance Index, which rates countries in terms of their competitiveness in international shipments. 


Magicbird chose Omnipack to take care of their order fulfillment needs and the benefits were immediate. Their stock is now located in Omnipack’s modern warehouse in  Gorzów Wielkopolski, on the border with Germany. This means that it’s now possible for Magicbird’s orders to be delivered the next day to Poland and Germany and within 3-4 days to the rest of Europe, even with regular shipping methods. 


We also worked with Magicbird to develop a dedicated process for including a personalized card with gift orders, which is printed in our warehouse and included for a nice special touch. This is the kind of project that takes time and planning to properly integrate with processes on both sides. It may seem like a small extra, but it requires quite a bit of work for all involved. 


This is another example of how Omnipack works with merchant partners to design and implement bespoke solutions to help promote sales, increase customer satisfaction and enhance the buyer experience. 




While still in its early stages as a business, everything is pointing in the right direction for Magicbird. With a unique product, expertise in eCommerce and a great understanding of their customers, working with a logistics expert to help them fulfill orders puts them in a great position for more quick expansion.  


We hope that Omnipack’s role in fulfillment will help Magicbird to continue its amazing growth and take their amazing designs to homes, gardens and more all over Europe!

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