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Gym, Youtube And...Fashion - When Szmexy Founded a Clothing Brand He Handed His Logistics over to Us

Improved, the clothing brand of Piotr Tomaszewski, better known to the Polish fitness industry as Szmexy, has joined our group of clients. What made Szmexy decide to outsource his logistics?


Improved wear chooses logistics


Establishing an online store and managing its image and advertising is a considerable undertaking – even for someone who knows a great deal about Internet marketing, and creating content. That is why Szmexy decided to outsource his logistics – a decision, he says, which will allow him to spend his time on other endeavours.


– The plan is to hand over all logistics to an external company, so that I can focus on advertising, sales and customer service. This decision will save me an enormous amount of time. Even if I packed every order in only 2 minutes, it would take me 20 hours to handle 500 pieces of clothing. And the current high level of demand is, I hope, the lowest in my company’s history. That is why there is also storage is an issue – emphasizes Piotr.


Logistics in the fashion industry requires more than just packaging orders. You also need to plan the returns handling process perfectly and prepare for periods when there is a temporary increase in sales. Fortunately, the implementation went very smoothly – as soon as Piotr put the store on the Shoplo platform, we were able to integrate it with our storage system in only a few hours.


A key factor in this success was exemplary cooperation. The involvement of Piotr himself (who personally delivered the goods to the warehouse in Nadarzyn – as can be seen in this video) was apparent from the very beginning of the implementation. For example, he worked directly with our employees to identify the products so that they could be given the proper codes and be accepted into the warehouse stock.


– His participation was invaluable. To properly identify all the products by themselves would have required much more of our employees’ time. Sometimes the differences between the clothing items are subtle. Piotr visited the warehouse personally and, together with the warehouse staff, assigned the products individual SKU numbers that I had prepared earlier.  By working together, we did it in about half an hour – says Magda Krzanowska, Client Success Manager Omnipack, and supervisor of the Improved implementation.


Piotr’s plan for a successful outsourcing succeeded. In the video below, he discusses his thoughts on the process and the results of outsourcing his logistics

The Szmexy brand’s first success


Shortly after opening his store and announcing it on his YouTube channel, Tomaszewski saw a rapid growth in demand for this new brand. It also quickly turned out that, in addition to high interest from Polish customers, there were orders coming from other countries, especially Great Britain. That was when he decided to begin shipping all over Europe. 


“I must admit that starting my own brand is a new experience for me and I really wanted everything to go perfectly – after all, my fans are watching. Besides, I like when everything goes smoothly. This was certainly the case with the implementation of logistics for my store. It reassures me that I have a stable partner with whom I can develop the brand and implement my ideas for this business,” says Piotr. 


After its successful premiere, the brand plans further development. As announced on Instagram, a new second collection will soon be released


Life decision


As Szmexy himself emphasizes, he founded his own brand mainly because it was difficult for him to find original products on the Polish market. He had to import them, for example, from the USA, a solution associated with additional costs and waiting times. So he set out to make his dream a reality, and founded a store where he could offer his fans the kind of clothes that he himself would like to wear. Clothes sewn in Łódź from the highest quality fabrics. It might come as a surprise, but Improved products have nothing to do with sport. Improved is the quintessence of streetwear. 


– It’s a brand for people who don’t like routine. For people who care about original products. Therefore, by design, I direct my offer to a narrow audience, but one that will ultimately be loyal to the brand – says Piotr.


The brand name itself, “Improved”, refers to a lifestyle based on continuous development and work on oneself – not only with regard to the physical, but also in every other sphere of life. Piotr Tomaszewski honestly admits to his fans that starting his own business required discipline, many hours of conceptual work and development, the very ideals that the brand symbolizes.


More about the brand: https://improvedwear.pl/

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