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"We came here with a clear purpose - to see what we could outsource to you." A report from the second Omnipack Open Day

During our Second Open Day, we hosted owners and managers of growing online stores. Even though their products may vary or their sales models may differ, they all have one thing in common. They want to scale their businesses, increase sales and provide their clients with the best possible customer service.


#1 Things that every eCommerce owner knows


The first part of the event focused on an exchange of experiences and the sharing of knowledge and tips. Tomek Kasperski, the founder and CEO of Omnipack, discussed creating one of the largest logistics centers in Central and Eastern Europe. Without avoiding difficult topics or glossing over past problems, he discussed Omnipack’s growth from his decision to open his own warehouse to becoming the main logistics center of the Westwing brand in Europe. High courier rates, tetris in the stock shelves, high rent for the warehouse … it turns out that his own experiences didn’t differ significantly from what other owners of growing online stores still must face every day. During his presentation, he shared the lessons that he learned as Omnipack got started, and thanks to which we are able to help other eCommerce owners face their own challenges today.


#2 Three changes you can implement right now to improve conversions today


Our Partner – Mateusz Ogonowski from Conversion – told participants how they could correctly implement changes in their online stores so that they can increase conversion rates. Mateusz has been using real data and testing over the last 10 years to increase his sales in eCommerce. He showed our guests 3 specific ideas for changes that are virtually 100% effective in every store. He talked about how and when to make these changes, which tests don’t make sense, what HIPPO is, and what tools, and even people, are needed to conduct research and tests – – and it was all based on real case studies and his experiences in working with clients.

#3 “Why do I work with Omnipack?” A Q&A panel with our clients


“As for the themed sessions, I particularly liked the Q&A panel with HubStyle, which works in the same sector as us, i.e. fashion. It was nice to hear what the logistics onboarding process looked like in their case,” said Michał Kondratiuk from LaMania.eu. The Q&A panel with one of our clients – Wiktor Dymecki, a member of the board of HubStyle, whose portfolio includes brands such as Cardio Bunny and Sugarfree – was another item on the program. The HubStyle brand has successfully implemented the omnichannel strategy – has a strong eCommerce foundation, launched 20 boutiques in various cities throughout Poland this year, and in the next three years expects this number to increase to 50. Wiktor discussed why they decided to cooperate with Omnipack and the opportunities, especially in the context of scaling and diversifying sales channels, that they gained by outsourcing logistics to an external operator.


“Was it worth it? Perhaps there are areas where I would expect greater cost-effectiveness, but there are also areas where I save so much more than I initially expected,” said Wiktor. “In addition to reducing certain expenses, I also gained time that I would have had to spend elsewhere, e.g. for launching a new distribution network. And now when I want to launch a new sales channel, I simply arrange it in one meeting with the Omnipack team.”

The packing of orders aroused the curiosity of our guests – especially those in the fashion industry. They wanted to know if the operator could still pack orders in a dedicated, specialized way. For many online stores the packaging method as an important element of the customer experience.


“In our store, we devote great attention to ensuring that products are packed exactly the way we want. Customers all receive beautifully packaged orders, down to the smallest detail. Can you do this? How do various types of order packing look like?” one of the guests asked. As a response, Wiktor recalled a recent initiative of adding gifts to orders – laundry fragrance capsules sponsored by the brand’s partner. He reassured his audience that there was no problem with this type of initiative. And that there is no problem with the daily packing of orders according to precise brand guidelines. 


#4 “I was able to see what you can do …” – the warehouse tour


At the end of the event, participants visited our warehouse in Nadarzyn, where we offered tours in smaller groups. We showed them the entire warehouse process – from accepting goods, through to storage in a dedicated infrastructure, then order completion, packaging and shipping.  “From my point of view, and in terms of logistics, the most important things we saw were here in the warehouse,” said Łukasz Siwek, Logistics Director of the Obsessive.com store. “One interesting thing that I saw was the ability to customize the warehouse for each customer. The flexibility of the warehouse enables the development of the product range as it  allows Omnipack to adapt to changes in storage if they are needed at any time.” 


“I was glad you showed me what you could do and that even non-standard things can be outsourced,” added Joanna Kuzdak, president of Obsessive.com. “I think fulfillment is a brilliant solution for companies wanting to scale and to open to new markets. It is certainly much more flexible than using one’s own warehouse, especially when it comes to variable costs, not fixed, for example, in connection with one’s own employees, and warehouse. This is definitely a big advantage.” 


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