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“Now I know how much I can achieve with my store’s logistics" - a report from Omnipack’s Open Day

20 online stores, 4 informational sessions and a warehouse tour – Omnipack’s Open Day gave online stores a glimpse behind the scenes with a visit to our fulfillment center in Nadarzyn.

It is not easy to talk about fulfillment, which is what we really do at Omnipack. To really understand it – you have to see it. That is why we decided to invite potential customers to the warehouse and show them exactly what we do every day. The meeting was organized in cooperation with our partner IAI IdoSell Shop.


Part 1. Fulfillment, or what we really do at Omnipack


On opening the meeting, Tomek Kasperski, CEO of Omnipack presented the history of  Omnipack’s “growth” to becoming a professional fulfillment center.


– We came from the e-commerce industry. By creating a logistics center for Westwing CEE – one of the largest online stores in the Home & Living industry – we were confronted with exactly the same problems faced by all growing online stores. There were problems with the warehouse, high rent, expensive courier items, the lack of a WMS etc. – recalled Tomek. – At the time, we lacked access to a logistics partner who could support us and lead us through this process. So we decided to learn it ourselves.


There were several painful lessons, but also so many small successes – these experiences helped Omnipack grow to become the logistics leader for the e-commerce industry in Poland. Thanks to the things learned during this maturation process, Omnipack truly understands the difficulties online stores must face.


– Over time, we came up with the idea to transform the know-how we had acquired into founding our own business. One that could help other online stores face the challenges that we ourselves faced not too long ago – said Tomek.

Part 2. Discussion panel with Krystian Dobrzycki, owner of e-store 9design 


The next part was a discussion panel with one of our clients – Krystian Dobrzycki, co-owner of 9design. Krystian and Ania Dobczycki decided to hand their store’s logistics over to Omnipack after 10 years of managing it on their own. (You can read the full story of our cooperation here: https://old.omnipack.pl/en/blog/meet-omnipacks-newest-client-9design/)


During the lively discussion that ensued, our guests asked Krystian about running a business, his decision to outsource logistics and 9design’s experience of cooperating with a logistics partner.


– Moving our logistics to Omnipack was not a simple decision. For 10 years we had operated a warehouse just behind the wall of our store, and despite continuing difficulties, for a long time we believed that no one else could serve our customers as well as ourselves. In the end, however, we hit the so-called ‘wall’ – [we realized that] you can’t scale your business this way. We’ve known Rafał (COO of Omnipack) for some time and we finally decided to fully trust the experts – said Krystian.


There was also a question about what decisions drove the choice to outsource:


– A centralized warehouse offers many possibilities. Because of this, we no longer have to equip only one showroom, but, for example, we can create an entire franchise network of showrooms – answered Krystian. – Secondly, it gives you more flexibility to enter foreign markets. It is also significant that Ania and I can now focus on other important topics that will benefit of our company’s development.

Krystian also answered the question whether, from the perspective of these past few months,  outsourcing had been a good decision:


– I say with full conviction that it was a very good decision – he replied. – Our business is difficult, especially in terms of logistics. Therefore, obstacles cannot be bypassed 100% and, of course, sometimes something happens that is contrary to expectations. But now, for the first time since we launched the store, we have a partner with whom we can overcome these various adversities. I noticed this already during the implementation, when we had the full support of the team, in particular from Artur, who led the project. It gives a real sense of security and completely changes the optics when looking at the development of our store.


As proof of his words, Krystian mentioned that he had just returned from his first holiday since the creation of 9design.


Part 3. Technical aspects of the integration of Omnipack and IAI IdoSell Shop


There was also a presentation from our partner IdoSell Shop. Tomasz Graużul, Senior Account Manager at IdoSell Shop discussed in detail the technical integration between our systems. He also answered numerous participants’ questions about the resulting functionality that IdoSell Shop receives through the combination of the two systems.

Part 4. Onboarding and Omnipack’s Client Success Team


– What does Client Success mean? – asked Marta Pogorzelska, Omnipack’s Client Success Director, as she began to discuss the story behind the onboarding process and customer service. It turned out that the process, although multi-stage and seemingly quite complicated, is strictly dedicated to a customer’s individual needs and carried out according to their conditions. Marta presented not only the general strategy and make-up of the operation and the team, but also specific examples of tools and solutions that facilitate a daily and fast communication between client service and the customer.


The last such solution was the presentation of the Omnipack Client Portal – the only solution of its kind on the Polish market that allows online stores 24/7 insight into their store’s processes, delivery management, returns and notifications.

Warehouse tour


The session completed with a tour of the warehouse, during which guests could learn about the work of the warehouse in detail – its individual departments and work stations. Among the stations visited were, among others, the returns receipt stand, the service stand (glasses), the clothes ironing stand, the special packaging stand, cross-dock mobile stock management and special shelves tailored to individual product needs. The tour of the warehouse was one of the most interesting elements of the event. 

 It gave us the opportunity to turn our theoretical knowledge about Omnipack into real information and solutions that we could touch and check – said Maciej Szokaluk, one of the participants and the owner of Pamami. – It opened my eyes that all this information about their dedicated process is not a “marketing ploy”, but a real benefit that Omnipack offers.


– What impressed me the most is the technological solutions used in the warehouse. I could see how the logistics of my online store could look – how it should all work. Now I know the possibilities I have when it comes to handling orders how much I can achieve with my store’s logistics – emphasized Jakub Reslinski, owner of the store Babyhit.   


This is just the beginning


It was the first Open Day at our warehouse in Nadarzyn, but it was certainly not the last! We are planning a series of e-commerce dedicated events that will address not only logistics issues, but an entire spectrum of topics related to the internet industry. Another one will be coming up in October! We will announce the exact date and agenda soon – follow our page on Facebook or LinkedIn to find out first.

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