We’re Opening a New Logistics Center in Nadarzyn [PHOTOS]

Opening of a new warehouse is a complex process we’ve been anticipating for a long time. Until now, our warehouses were located in two locations near Warsaw – in Duchnice and Nadarzyn. We decided to increase the area in Nadarzyn and are currently moving the Duchnice warehouse there to create a brand-new logistics center: the Segro Logistics Park Warsaw Nadarzyn. What is the moving process of a warehouse like, step by step?


In this post, we’ll show you how our new warehouses have changed every day. We will update the entry after every major change. Join us on this new adventure.


Day 1: Warehouse pickup


We received the keys to the new warehouse. Inside, we found a massive, (still) empty space – 6.5 thousand square meters. That’s over 3.5 times more than our previous warehouse in Duchnice.
Wnętrze nowego magazynu w Nadarzynie

The warehouse has 9 gates, the so-called docks. This helps to improve delivery and collection management – we can accept much larger deliveries from customers at one time.

Bramy wjazdowe do magazynu

Day 2: The first assembly


We finished the assembly of the conveyor – a movable belt that transports packages from the packing location to the pickup location by couriers. This guarantees an efficient and safe transport of goods inside the warehouse.

Przenośnik, ruchoma taśma do transportu paczek
The assembly of shelves also began. This is where we will soon be placing the first packages. It’s still empty inside, but everything is slowly beginning to take shape.

montaż regałów

Day 3: Safety and further assembly


Cameras are already working. There are a total of 40 of them – advanced monitoring of each packing station and an external security camera so that the agency provides security around the clock. We have also started to designate communication paths that are slowly beginning to appear on the floor.

Hala magazynowa z wyznaczonymi ścieżkami komunikacyjnymi
Packaging tables have arrived, now waiting to be assembled. We approach the packaging of goods with special care – new, advanced stands will allow to improve this process and further increase its quality. At the same time, on the other end of the hall, the team providing the internet connection is working at full capacity.

Day 4: Furniture


The next day was largely about assembling furniture. Work continued in the warehouse hall and back office. Tables, chairs and household appliances appeared in the social room. Conference rooms have also been furnished. The biggest changes are visible in the warehouse itself. We put the first stands for packaging, the rest needs to wait patiently for their turn.


Day 5: Filling the space


We continue work in the warehouse. The first row of cardboard shelves and a set of steel shelves were installed. In addition to the ones shown in the photo, more will be delivered to us from the warehouse in Duchnice. We also started arranging the goods reception area.
kartonowe i stalowe regały na hali magazynowej


Day 6: Back office and lighting


We have finished working on conference rooms. The situation is similar in the kitchen and social rooms. Arranging the reception area was equally efficient – the final touch was installing the lighting. The pallet storage area has also been completely designated.


Day 7 | customer transfer


We started moving products from other customers. First, we took care of transporting goods to the warehouse in Nadarzyn, and then set it up on shelves.



In May, we completed relocation to our new warehouse in Nadarzyn near Warsaw. We have assembled the rest of the cardboard shelves, launched a Wi-Fi network in the warehouse, designated and labeled the storage areas, equipped the packing stations, and arranged the parcel return stands. Furthermore, we finished work in the social space–we plugged in coffee makers and microwaves.


Indeed, it was a lot of work, but thanks to the commitment of our employees, the whole process was completed without prejudice to the quality of our services. The new space of the logistics center in Nadarzyn is the next milestone in the history of Omnipack.

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