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In 2021 you don't have to be a software company to achieve massive IPO - both Auto1 and InPost debuted at a valuation around €10bn each. Here some background story on Auto1 


  • Huge congrats to my close friend Piotrek who is the one responsible for Auto1's success in CEE 👏🏻


Ever heard of growth persistence? Very helpful framework for founders projecting their growth at an early stage. And here comparison of growth persistence at public vs. early stage companies by Christopher Janz


Some insights:


  • Most of startups in P9C portfolio grew below 100% (and we're talking one of the best portfolios in Europe). Here goes the myth of T2D3 or even "Grow >100% or die"
  • In 1/3rd of cases the growth rate has actually accelerated y/y. Hurray!
  • Oh, in case you wonder - at Omnipack we grow >100% and accelerate ;)




Remember my last post on why there won't be any global cybersecurity regulation? Because USA is actually playing hard on the cybersecurity offensive. And here is a great, first-hand account of that -"Glowing Symphony": how USA hacked ISIS


And in case you've been too busy to follow #GameStop saga, here is great interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin




In case you missed it (unlike over 100M people who already viewed it), Navalny's 2h video about Gelendzhik palace


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