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Structuring Data Team


Last November I've been looking into best practices in structuring Data team. Below selection of most insightful articles on that topic. This has informed our decision on how to organize Data Team within Omnipack:




Deep-dive on SolarWinds, why cybersecurity is becoming more important and why it's unlikely we will see global cybersecurity regulations anytime soon

  • "(...) hackers working for the Russian SVR – previously known as the KGB – hacked into SolarWinds and slipped a backdoor into an Orion software update. (We don’t know how, but last year the company’s update server was protected by the password “solarwinds123” – something that speaks to a lack of security culture.)"
  • "We [the US] are undoubtedly running an offensive operation on the scale of this SVR operation right now, and it’ll probably never be made public. In 2016, President Obama boasted that we have “more capacity than anybody both offensively and defensively.”


Low Code / No Code platforms 


On the rise of Low Code / No Code platforms. I'm fascinated by this trend and how much value creation this could unlock



Great in-depth story about Bitcoin - what it is and how it came about - in very digestible format, great listen for "blockchain rookies"


I've recently discovered "The Daily" podcast - great journalysm and storytelling. Here some notable examples:




Had no idea what spycraft is all about until I've read this book. One of the best non-fiction, non-business titles I've read in 2020

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