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Hi there! With the start of 2021 I'm trying out new format to share interesting content. Let me know if you find it interesting! 😎


The Rise and fall of "Getting Things Done" 

  • Good read about limitations of GTD - very efficient on personal level, not so much on organizational
  • "To move forward, we must step away from Drucker’s commitment to total autonomy—allowing for freedom in how we execute tasks without also allowing for chaos in how these tasks are assigned. We must, in other words, acknowledge the futility of trying to tame our frenzied work lives all on our own, and instead ask, collectively, whether there’s a better way to get things done."

The eight secrets to a fairly fulfilled life 

  • Not a fan of "This is X ways to achieve Y", but this one caught my attention. My favourites:
  • "There will always be too much to do – and this realisation is liberating"
  • "The capacity to tolerate minor discomfort is a superpower"
  • "The solution to imposter syndrome is to see that you are one"

Interview with Daniel Ek 

  • Really enjoy those humble European founders who succeed in building global business (Tobi Lutke and David Heinemeier Hansson included)

Founders are often being asked "Well but what if Amazon decides to do what you do?". Good framework to answer that 

  • "If Google can turn your business into a trivial part of Google, it will try. If it would have to recreate your entire company inside Google, it probably won’t."

Great take on startups that mix software & operations (vs. pure software approach)

  • OK I might not me impartial here, being a founder of full-stack business myself 😉
  • "What both companies represent, though, is what it means to play on hard mode. Neither lodging nor logistics is inherently digital; both companies had to make them so, creating new markets that didn’t previously exist. That both Airbnb and DoorDash have done so to a sufficient degree to go public is not only impressive, but will increasingly be a roadmap for new startups, and a model for how the Internet will transform more and more components of the “real” world."
  • Also great read on why Chinese companies favour full-stack business models in "AI Superpowers" book

Arguments in favor of IPOs (vs. SPACs) 

  • Always appreciating contrarian views😉

Interview with Edward Snowden

  • Amazing story (OK I'm pretty sure that I just landed on some NSA watchlist for writing that 😅) - both the guy and truth about mass surveillance he revealed
  • Just to admit, I got into that rabbit hole during Xmas break - also watched both interviews with Joe Rogan and read "Permanent Record" the book

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