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Step-by-step eCommerce audit. Check your store before Black Friday!

Whether you're already selling or just thinking about starting your eCommerce adventure, one of the key success factors is to grow your business recurrently and successively. To accomplish this, an online store audit is essential.


The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the eCommerce market and accelerated the growth of the industry. At a time when traditional sales were experiencing a global crisis and facing the consequences of restrictions and lockdowns, the online store industry has gone from strength to strength. Changing consumer habits and the migration to shopping online is part of the new landscape in the new world of retail and there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.


Why enter the eCommerce market right now? First of all, this industry provides enormous opportunities for growth, allows you to build a stable business that will not be destroyed by pandemic restrictions, and also gives the opportunity to connect with markets around the world.


How to sell effectively online


It is worth keeping up with current trends on the market and regularly checking the effectiveness of your actions. Therefore, if you want to be successful, a regular and comprehensive analysis of your store is necessary. This is what an audit is for. The goal is to increase conversions and successful online sales.


During the audit you will discover both good and weak points of your business. Regular testing will allow you to determine what works and what doesn’t and the changes you can make to improve your store’s performance.


What is worth analyzing? Everything that can increase conversions - usability, customer experience, statistics, SEO, marketing effectiveness. Where do customers come from? How much time do they spend in the store? At what point do they leave the site? Why do they leave? The answers to these questions will help you make an in-depth evaluation of your store.


Shop in your store


Put yourself in the shoes of your customer for a moment and go through the entire order path. To do this, follow these four steps:


  1. Test order - Search for and add to your shopping cart sample products that you could buy from your store. Choose your delivery and payment method. See if this process goes through without a hitch and everything works without errors.
  2. Test payment - Choose a convenient payment method and check if the website inspires trust and if everything works fast and secure.
  3. Test ordering a product with loyalty points or a special offer - Check if a discount code for signing up for a newsletter works correctly and if promotions and discounts are calculated correctly in the shopping cart.
  4. Order in your competitor's store - What is your impression when you compare the whole shopping process in your store and in your competitor's store? Think about what works better and what could be improved.


Don't do everything yourself


Some selling platforms, including the sponsor of this article, IdoSell, make improvements on an ongoing basis and independently verify the operation of online stores so that sellers don't have to worry about changing regulations and updating functionality, but can get on with selling.


What does it look like in IdoSell?


  • Regulations - Clients don't have to check if regulations are in line with the law. IdoSell updates them for free and adapts to current regulations.
  •  Checkout process - IdoSell constantly learns from its clients, analyzes and measures the indicators, and then transfers the knowledge between different stores.
  • Speed and accessibility - Page load time affects sales, visibility in search results and brand image. In its stores, IdoSell uses an autoscaler, which is a tool that automatically adjusts computing power to current needs and website traffic.
  • SSL certificate - With IdoSell you don't have to worry about buying an additional certificate - you get it in the subscription price
  • Searching Pro - IdoSell stores use an intelligent search engine, which suggests product names. 


IdoSell specialists help you decide on optimal solutions even before you open your online store. They verify all your ideas and together determine the best, individual options for your business. There's no room for coincidence here. 


Conquer international markets


IdoSell solutions are tailored to meet all the requirements for a functional and prosperous online store.


IdoSell is professional software that gives you unlimited opportunities to enter international markets. Thanks to modern tools you'll be able to sell in many currencies and in any language. IdoSell sellers successfully build a brand with global reach. They are helped by ready-to-use solutions, such as a translation module, support for foreign currencies, integration with PayPal, Wish, Amazon, eBay and multishop, which is a management tool for multiple offers in one panel.


IdoSell works with thousands of merchants every day, so it is always up to date with the most important eCommerce trends. It works every step of the way to make the process of creating your first store or migrating to the system unbeatable.  Now migration to IdoSell is free!


👉🏻 Learn more about IdoSell

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