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Our fulfilment centres are strategically located to open up Europe and the wider world for your eCommerce business. What are you waiting for?

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International fulfilment. Simplified

Take your business places with Omnipack, with access to:

  • Excellent location for international distribution

  • Increase your sales reach to multiple countries in one simple step

  • State-of-the-art warehousing and operations powered by smart automation

  • The quality of service you want, at outstanding value

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25 000m2 total warehouse space

All our warehousing is A-Class and fine-tuned to meet the specific needs of eCommerce businesses.

Europe in a flash

With easy access to Warsaw airport and next-day delivery to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the whole of Central and Eastern Europe, we'll get your products to your customers quicker than ever.

Asia on your doorstep

Poland is the first stop on the transit railway to China. That opens up big opportunities.

We've got you covered

The right team

We've got years of experience in cross-border shipping and logistics. We know how to make it run like clockwork.

The right price

We offer great rates for standard and oversized packages to all European countries.

The right processes

We'll help you with all the necessary forms and procedures to get your products through customs smoothly and successfully.

Cross-border logistics with Omnipack.
How does it work?

1. You deliver the goods to our warehouse

2. Your orders automatically go into our system

3. We pack and ship your order according to your guidelines

4. We work with a local partner, so we send the product as a domestic parcel

5. We monitor the parcel until delivery


"Thanks to cooperation with Omnipack, we can provide a range of logistics services at the top level."

This operator supports us, among many other services, in dealing with the B2B stream (store service, sending welcome packs to cooperating stores), B2C stream, returns, and cross-docking. Such a broad range of services requires ongoing insight into operations and efficient contact. Omnipack does an excellent job here! We are glad that, thanks to this cooperation, we can be calm regarding all the logistic questions and focus entirely on further business development.

"We have developed great cooperation with Omnipack as they made our business simpler to manage."


Their excellent and expert team customized their services to match our needs. Moreover, their instantaneous responsiveness is a success key in our customer satisfaction. It’s a blessing to have such an efficient and professional company as our business partner. They are known as the best solution for outsourcing warehousing and shipping requirements while accommodating the ordering process. We entrusted our growing needs to Omnipack. This is a critical part of our business model and would surely recommend them to others.

We keep your customers happy and your business growing. Simple.

Discover how easy eCommerce fulfilment can be when you choose Omnipack to take care of logistics for you.

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