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Cross-border sales

What to Keep in Mind While Selling Online Abroad? The Challenges of Cross-Border Ecommerce (Part 1/4)

The online cross-border sales in Europe are increasing rapidly each year, only in 2018 generates 95 billion euros turnover. The European eCommerce Report 2018 says that the lion’s share of that income (67%) take markets form the Western part of the continent. The largest eCommerce market in Europe is the UK, followed closely by France and Germany.

Omnipack Wins 2nd Place at the 2019 E-Commerce Germany Awards 🏆

Omnipack won second prize in the category “Best logistics solution” at this year’s edition of the E-Commerce Germany Awards in Berlin. As the only Polish company on the podium, Omnipack clearly stood out.

Black Friday at Omnipack. How Did We Succeed in Handling All of Our Customers’ Orders?

This year's Black Friday results have hardly surprised anyone who observes consumer trends. Just as in every year, sales records in Poland and around the world have been broken and the role of eCommerce in global sales trends has also grown. So, what did the handling of parcels in our warehouse look like on Black Friday?

How Do Omnipack and Muscat Create a Positive Customer Experience Together?

Muscat is one of those brands that knows how to stand out from the pack with its modern services tailored to each individual client. It's even fair to say that in their case, the customer experience is managed to perfection. What premium logistics services does Muscat offer in order to win the trust of customers and make them so willing to share their positive impressions?

The 6 Most Common Mistakes Ecommerce Makes in Logistics

“A man who never makes a mistake will never make anything.” It’s difficult to undermine the legitimacy of this saying, but we would certainly prefer it didn’t include us. That's why we prepared a list - eCommerce errors most often made in logistics.

e-Commerce in Poland: How to start selling online in Poland?

Just 26% of Polish customers buy products in foreign online stores! The conclusion is simple - you have to be here if you want to win the Polish market!

5 logistics improvements your customers will love

The importance of logistics in corporate structures grows. Today, it’s not just about packaging a parcel and sending it to a customer. Thanks to modern logistics processes, you can build customer loyalty and gain a real competitive advantage. What improvements should you implement in your store in order to win the market?

Why don’t European online stores offer cross-border sales?

The number of online stores is growing every year. More and more of them are also opening up for foreign sales. How can fulfillment help deal with the main barriers - costs, delivery times, legal issues, and returns?