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We Pack Dresses for Stars to Wear. Fashion Brand BIZUU Entrusts Their Logistics to Omnipack

It all started with … grandma. She instilled a passion for fashion first in her daughter, and then in her granddaughters – Blanka and Zuzia. Today, sisters Blanka Jordan and Zuzanna Wachowiak are well known in the Polish fashion industry, and their creations are worn by the hottest names from the world of show business. 


Nine years ago, Blanka and Zuzia decided to realize their dream, quit their promising careers as a lawyer and an interior architect, and set up their own brand to design clothes for women – at the beginning these were mainly dresses. They created their own unique DNA for the BIZUU brand – coquettishness and femininity in a retro style, based on the fashion of the 70s and 80s, and inspired by photos of their mother and grandmother. Immediately afterwards they opened their first boutique in Stary Browar in Poznań.

Zuzanna Wachowiak and Blanka Jordan – the founders and designers of the BIZUU brand.


In the early days of the brand’s existence, the sisters ran the company alone – handling the brand’s design, sales, accounting and even logistics. Until one day a breakthrough came – Agnieszka Szulim appeared in a BIZUU dress at the Maciej Zień show, and thousands of new clients suddenly knew the brand’s name. From then on, the brand’s development progressed rapidly: a store was opened in Poznań, another in Warsaw, and then in Katowice, Gdynia, Łódź, Wrocław and, eventually, an online boutique. Then came a sudden need to invest in their own warehouse, hire more people and build teams. 


A partner in expansion


BIZUU began to implement an increasing number of projects, creating new lines, and handling more and more orders from various places throughout Europe. Currently, the brand has 7 stationary stores in the largest Polish cities, including Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań and Wrocław. It also diversifies sales through online channels: via an online boutique, a marketplace platform, and social channels.  Like many fast-growing stores, it has encountered problems due to the scalability of its own logistics solutions. And to serve customers across all sales channels, the brand requires error-free and strategically planned logistics.


– The company is growing, we produce more and more collections throughout the year, we focus on new products, and we create new lines. That is why a proper platform is necessary (space should not limit us) as well as qualified employees who are fully experienced in the sphere of logistics – says Zuzanna Wachowiak, founder of the BIZUU brand

butik bizuu

One of BIZUU’s stationary boutiques.


The new warehouse will guarantee a more efficient process which will be based on rules and principles that were jointly established during implementation. The next service to be launched together will be same-day delivery – first in Warsaw and then in other major Polish cities. 


– Although logistics outsourcing was not a simple decision, we were finally convinced of the possibility of integration with our logistics and accounting system. And thanks to this we were able to automate part of the customer order implementation process – speeding it up and eliminating errors. The experience of people who manage the Omnipack warehouse was another important factor – emphasizes Blanka Jordan, founder of the BIZUU brand.


Solutions for the BIZUU brand


#1 Various sales channels and 12 packaging methods


BIZUU is not only an online store. There are also 7 boutiques in the largest Polish cities, an account on a marketplace platform and B2B sales – to companies that broker the sale of products. To support the brand, we needed to integrate several sales channels:

  • B2C sales,
  • B2B sales,
  • stocking boutiques (and supplying them with BIZUU branded products),
  • stocking the marketplace platform.

Diagram of multi-channel logistics for BIZUU.


Each type requires a slightly different way of storing, packaging and shipping products. Why? For example: products sent to the end customer (B2C) are packed in special fashion boxes with decorative tissue paper and a special note is added. In turn, products for stocking boutiques are packed in bulk and in large cartons without additional elements. What’s more, products sent to the end customer – depending on the collection – are packaged differently. For example – every order from the regular collection is packed in a pink BIZUU logged carton. In turn, products from the Apres-Midi or Mer collection are packed in a pink, logged foil pack.


The BIZUU brand also offers its clients accessories: sashes, hair bands, socks, and scarves. Such products are put into a small bag with the BIZUU logo. However, in the case of a larger quantity of products that may not fit into the bag, we will choose the appropriately sized box with a logo. In addition to regular accessories, BIZUU also offers seasonal accessories: berets, headbands, baseball caps, belts, beach bags and handbags, and hats. Some of them are packed uniformly, but there are products, such as hats, that can be packed three different ways – each depending on the type of order.


In total, this equals 9 different ways of packaging products for B2C customers. If we add in the packaging of products for boutiques and B2B channels, we get 12 different possibilities

Examples of various types of BIZUU product packaging.


#2 Admission procedure


Together with the BIZUU team, we created a procedure for checking goods when they arrive at our warehouse. It works for both for first-time admission and for returns. It is not only about catching any damage (e.g. stains, holes that are sent back to the laundry or sewing room), but also identifying a badly coded product, incorrect label or label, or incompatibility with the notification. Thanks to the written rules of acceptance, we can catch all these errors.


#3 A place adapted for fashion products


When BIZUU products are accepted into our warehouse, they are allocated to the appropriate storage place – shelves or hanger, where they will wait until they are packed for shipment. To optimize warehouse space – so that the customer incurs a lower cost in connection with the amount of space occupied on the one hand, and on the other, so that our employees can efficiently complete orders – we designed an infrastructure specially adapted for these products.


What does this mean? Evening dresses and coats are found on typical hangers, but basic blouses are put in cardboard boxes and then on shelves. Hats and caps, packed in brand boxes, are piled up. In this way, no product will be damaged or bruised while being ergonomically stored.


#4 Transfer of knowledge and training


Transferring all knowledge – even about packaging methods – from the customer’s warehouse to our warehouse required investment in training for our employees. One of our warehouse staff, Agata, spent a week in Poznan, working with the outgoing logistics team. However, the key was to train the entire team – so that knowledge did not center on one person, and in the case of an increased number of orders, every warehouse staff member could be delegated to work on BIZUU orders. In addition to internal training, the warehouse provided detailed instructions – about packaging or importing at warehouse admission.


What is important in the daily work of the Omnipack team is the regular reporting of results to the central BIZUU team. In addition to accessing our technology – Client Portal, which allows BIZUU to fully monitor their inventory, and delivery status, as well as analyze differences reports or generate a summary of returned products – the Omnipack team reports on the execution of orders and possible deviations from commonly agreed goals on a daily basis.


Further plans


BIZUU consistently conquers the hearts of other clients – both famous stars and fashion lovers. The brand is not resting on its laurels and has ambitious plans for further success:


– Logistics outsourcing will support us in entering new sales platforms, such as Showroom.pl, which is associated with an increase in orders sent. Entering the marketplace also means additional integration with the systems of these platforms – you should also respond to the delivery policy on these platforms – says Zuzanna Wachowiak.


The BIZUU online store can be found at: https://bizuu.com/ 


And stationary boutiques:
– In Warsaw on Koszykowa St. 24
– In Poznan at Stary Browar and CH Posnania
– In Katowice at Silesia City Center
– In Łodz at CH Manufaktura
– In Gdansk at CH Klif
– In Wrocław at DH Renoma

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