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"Want your business to grow? Start with fulfillment." Case study: PanPablo

PanPablo is an iconic brand on our eCommerce map. Although they address themselves as “an online shoe shop”, their offer is way more diverse. They are not only placing the most fashionable foreign brands on the Polish market- they create trends themselves. Moreover, as a fashion brand, they pay great attention to being eco-friendly and sustainable.


The products are available either in their estore or in the brick-and-mortar shop located in Wrocław. Paweł Przybylski, who is the creator of the brand, noticed that there are only a few niche, high-fashion shoe brands in Poland. Therefore, he has decided to give his shoe shop dream a try. Working as a full-time architect, he ran his retail business on his own mainly in the evenings; However, after 10 years, there’s been a lot of changes- currently, PanPablo is a highly recognized brand which is successfully run by several people. 

The beginnings 


A decision to begin outsourcing was made because of one simple reason. Paweł Przybylski admitted openly that logistics is not his cup of tea. In PanPablo, employees focus mainly on customer support, seeking out new products and social media marketing. Last year however, logistics became a serious issue due to the rapid growth of the brand. The company faced challenges such as limited warehouse capacity and staff shortages. 


Looking for a warehouse near Wrocław turned out to be problematic which led the brand to the idea of 3PL fulfillment. It seemed that outsourcing fulfillment services that would cater for their logistic needs was the ultimate chance to scale their business. The only question Paweł Przybylski had was “Am I able to trust somebody with all the logistical and operational parts of my store?” 


Luckily, Omnipack managed to dispel the doubts. 

Before Omnipack, we’ve contacted a few fulfillment centers. Previously, we’ve had a bad experience with logistic providers; Nevertheless, with Omnipack it was way different- only after the first call, I had a good feeling. We’ve arranged another meeting straight away- we were invited to visit their warehouse, to see how they work and meet their team. After our visitation in the fulfillment centre, we’ve already known that this is the partner we were looking for.

Paweł Przybylski

Founder of PanPablo


Customized logistic solutions 


One of the biggest challenges PanPablo had was an impeccable fulfillment service that would measure up to the well-known European fashion brands where express delivery and aesthetic packaging plays a crucial role. Thanks to Omnipack, such a service is possible for smaller and medium-sized ecommerce companies as well. 

PanPablo products in the warehouse


Express delivery 


Express delivery seems to be a standard of nearly every successful ecommerce business, and therefore, it became one of the biggest priorities. In order to live up to PanPablo expectations, we carry out same-day delivery, which means that the order is packed and sent the same day it’s placed in our WMS.


Flexible SLA


Every ecommerce business is prone to changes depending on the season or promotions. When running up the logistics on your own, it’s sometimes difficult to manage such changes (e.g. the sales peak), during which you have to serve even several dozen more orders. Thanks to cooperation with Omnipack, PanPablo is able to adjust their SLA, that is the number of orders served per day. For example, during the brand’s 8th birthday there were various discounts and promotions awaiting. On that day, we managed to serve 26 times more packages than in standard SLA so that the customers could enjoy the products the next day. 


 A similar situation took place during Black Friday, before their cooperation with Omnipack. PanPablo had to spend 1,5 to 2 weeks on sending every shipment. Currently, we’re able to do that in one day


Ecology, Return Management, B2C and B2B stream 


Every order is packed in eco-friendly Omnipack cartons, which are made from recycled materials. Moreover, we’ve decided to give up plastic tape- to secure our merchant’s packages we use paper tape instead. 

PanPablo is a brand that has an online shop and a brick-and-mortar boutique as well. The vast majority of orders which are served by Omnipack get to the end customers; Nevertheless, our logistic services are also provided in the B2B model (Returns Management included). 




During the last year of our cooperation with PanPablo (considering April 2020 and April 2021), the number of orders soared over 234%.


When the brand started its fulfillment in Omnipack, they occupied 154 sqm of the warehouse capacity. Currently, their business expanded and therefore, the space needed grew up to 199 sqm. Thanks to the storage method optimization, the number of products that can be kept in such a capacity grew even more. At the very beginning PanPablo had around 16 thousand products. Now, his stock consists of 40 thousand products, which means that in space only 29% bigger we are able to store 150% more products.

It was of great importance to us that Omnipack didn’t treat us as clients. They approached us like business partners. We stayed in touch with every department and thanks to that we were updated about every matter all the time. We could see for ourselves how efficiently and professionally Omnipack works.

Paweł Przybylski

Founder of PanPablo


Sum up


Thanks to PanPablo we were able to carry out our mission, which is to support small and medium online businesses and help them thrive. We hope that with our joint endeavours, we will conquer not only Polish ecommerce market but International as well.

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