The courier services to Germany – costs and B2B solutions

The courier services to Germany–costs and B2B solutions

Germany is one of Poland’s most significant economic partners. It is also a country where about 2 million people of Polish origin live. As a result, queries like "courier to Germany" appear on Google more and more frequently. In this article, we are going to discuss all the key issues related to international shipping and international transportation. We will also look for an answer to the crucial question: Can a cheap cross-border courier really be found? If you run an online store and ship products to Germany, this article is your must have!

The courier services to Germany are now widespread. They are used by both e-commerce stores that ship parcels to this country and the individual customers who send private parcels to Germany, for example, to their families.

Currently, courier companies carry out cross-border transportation to Germany through various channels. It is possible to send a parcel to Germany:


  • By air freight (although, be aware that this solution is expensive!)
  • By road delivery

Of course, pallet shipments are also available, but they are reserved exclusively for B2B companies that ship wholesale orders.

Courier to Germany

Sending a parcel to Germany always raises a number of questions. Which courier company should you choose? Which carriers offer the desired services (for instance, parcel tracking or the previously mentioned pallet shipments)? And finally–what solution should a B2B company choose?

At Omnipack, we perfectly understand the increasing significance of courier services in Germany. More and more of our clients operate on the German market. That’s why at least one courier to Germany leaves our warehouses literally every day. In order to respond to the growing needs of our clients related to shipments to Germany, we have opened a second warehouse. It’s located in Gorzów Wielkopolski, and it offers over 6,000 sq m of additional warehousing space, right at the Polish-German border.

Thanks to this warehouse, we can offer cross-border shipments to Germany in the next-day delivery standard, which is a rare service on the Polish market. A warehouse that’s close to the border also has a significant impact on the fact that a truly cheap courier to Germany is available here at Omnipack!


The cost of shipping a parcel to Germany depends on many factors, primarily the package's weight and dimensions. The delivery time is also crucial. If you want the delivery time to be as short as possible (express delivery), the cost of sending a parcel to Germany will be considerably higher.

Our customers who use carriers and courier companies cooperating with Omnipack benefit from attractive rates for shipping parcels to Germany. The cost of sending one parcel starts from 3,49 euro. 


As we have already mentioned, shipments to Germany are carried out in two common ways. Air transportation is faster (it takes 1-2 days), while road transportation can take up to 5 days. The place from which the package is sent and its destination are also of great importance. The shipment from Rzeszów, Poland to Dortmund, Germany, will travel longer than the parcel from Zielona Góra, Poland, to Berlin, Germany.

Also, we have already told you that Omnipack, thanks to our warehouse's convenient location, combines a short delivery time to Germany possible in the air transportation, with an attractive price offered by carriers handling road shipments.


Both Poland and Germany are members of the European Union. Therefore, sending a shipment to Germany means simplified customs procedures. This does not mean, however, that you can send whatever you want. The German law regulates which products cannot be shipped to Germany, and these are:


  • Drugs and medicines
  • Hazardous substances and materials
  • Weapons
  • Alcohol beverages
  • Tobacco and tobacco products

It is possible to transport some of these products in some special cases, but you still need to obtain additional documents and approvals. The general rule is that parcels to Germany should be free of the items mentioned above.

How can you save money on a parcel to Germany?

As you already know, our clients, thanks to attractive rates negotiated with carriers and courier companies, send parcels to Germany at a low price and with a short delivery time. For details, please feel free to contact us.

But what can you do to make your parcel to Germany cheaper? Here are your options:


  • Use the carrier comparison website. Such comparison websites, after inputting the parcel's parameters, will present the prices offered by various courier companies. This way, you can easily choose the cheapest option.
  • Cancel any additional services. Options such as shipment tracking or shorter delivery time are often charged extra. If you’re after the lowest price possible, select the standard service.
  • Remove unnecessary items from your parcel. Higher weight or larger dimensions of the parcel automatically increase the cost. If you can send a parcel without the elements that make it heavier or larger, do so! The difference can be even several PLN on one parcel!
  • Choose road transportation. Generally speaking, shipments sent by road transportation are much cheaper than those sent by air.


An offer for the B2B companies

The online stores that work with us send their parcels to Germany on preferential terms. With us, the term "the cheap foreign courier service" is not only an empty threat! Thanks to our warehouses' convenient location (Gorzów Wielkopolski and Nadarzyn near Warsaw), you have access to customers from all over Europe and even the entire world! Thanks to contracts with local and international courier companies and carriers, your parcel to Germany will reach the customer in less than 48 hours.

One of the fundamental principles of working with us is the lack of any hidden costs. Companies that use our services pay only for the used storage space and services. There is no fixed subscription or any other vague fees. If you run an online store or a B2B company–please contact us. After a thorough interview, we will be able to prepare a quote and an offer tailored to your needs and requirements, also concerning cross-border shipments.

The price list for the international services

The cost of shipping a parcel to Germany depends on many factors, primarily the weight and the dimensions of the package. See our standard price list:


Carrier Delivery time Parcel weight Price (starting from)
DHL 1-2 days 1-5 kg 3,49 euro 
Hermes 1-2 days 1 kg 3,89 euro
Hermes 1-2 days 5 kg 4,59 euro 
Hermes (shipped to the PUDO point) 1-2 days  1 kg 3,89 euro


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