Packaging in eCommerce: Safe, ecological, and cheap!

Suppose you’re buying your dream product online. The entire purchasing process is smooth and flawless–great pictures presenting the product, attractive price, and that discount you have thanks to subscribing to the store’s newsletter. You select the express delivery option, and you get the parcel the very next day. However, it turns out that the packaging has been damaged. It looks unsightly, but more importantly, the product is damaged as well. All your previous good impressions are instantly gone, and you’re left with disgust and a negative review on the store’s profile.


This story would have been written differently, if only the store’s owner had taken care of the proper packaging. Logistics in eCommerce is a crucial process from the customer’s standpoint. Unfortunately, even the smallest setback can adversely affect the entire purchasing process and customer satisfaction. Order mix-ups, extended waiting time, or wrong packaging can cost you a customer. In this article, together with Marcin Dropiński from Mondi, we will show you what you can do to make sure your products are packed in a safe, good-looking, ecological, and cost-effective way.


Unlimited possibilities


The COVID-19 pandemic has only highlighted the role packaging plays. Not only do we buy more and more products online, but we also purchase products that, until recently, have usually been bought in brick-and-mortar stores, like food, furniture, or personal hygiene products.


Corrugated cardboard has recently become an undisputed star in the packaging world. You can use it to pack virtually anything, both the products mentioned above and specialized equipment, like car engines. This trend shows that you can send various products, costing several USDs, and several thousand USDs alike in one and the same packaging. However, what really matters is that, regardless of the price, your customer wants to get their order perfectly intact.


There are so many options concerning packaging, there was a need to create a FEFCO catalog of standard packaging products. Inside, you will find standard carton designs with easy to comprehend symbols that are applicable all around the world. These packaging construction standards are used as frameworks for all the new packaging designs that are developed for the eCommerce sector.


Now, let’s see some of the cost-effective packaging options that Marcin Dropiński from Mondi, a global packaging production leader, has prepared for us.


The hot-melt tape: Quick and convenient 


If you work in the eCommerce sector, you’ve probably already heard opinions like:


  • Due to the pandemic, we have way more orders; we have to shorten the packaging time in order to fulfill all of them on time”
  • Plastic wrap? It’s not an eco-friendly solution, especially since we pack hundreds of parcels every day, but what choice do we have?”


Both these problems can be solved with hot melt tape.




  • This tape significantly accelerates the packing process. Our carton boxes have a built-in stripe of hot-melt tape. All you have to do is remove the protective foil, and you’re good to go–you can seal the entire box.
  • It’s the more eco-friendly option compared to a traditional carton box that has to be sealed with ordinary plastic tape. It produces less plastic waste and doesn’t require any additional safety measures, like wrapping the parcel with duct tape. Moreover, this solution facilitates returns since you can send the product back in the same box.
  • It eliminates the cost of duct tape
  • It improves the aesthetics of the parcel

Delight Box: Built with eCommerce in mind


Almost half of the respondents in the last Mondi Group’s eCommerce study said that packaging has to be, above all, eco-friendly and sustainable. The same study also showed that customers value boxes adjusted to the product. Delight box is the answer.




  • It’s light and easy to fold
  • 100% recyclable
  • Its optimal construction allows you to reduce the empty space in the box
  • DelightBox can be quickly folded; therefore, it increases the efficiency of your production lines. As a result, you can ship more parcels daily.

Show your brand: Packaging branding


The current eCommerce boom means not only increased sales or new packaging designs. It’s also an excellent opportunity to work on your customers’ user experience. Here, packaging can be useful as well. Besides the apparent protective role, each box can be a perfect advertising medium.


There are lots of possible branding options:


  • Inside/outside the box
  • Flexographic printing (it allows you to print on surfaces that are not flat, like corrugated cardboard)
  • Offset printing (especially cost-effective with high print runs)


If you’re after a truly budgetary option, you can use branding on just some elements of your packaging, for example, wraps, tissue paper, or stickers.


Here’ how our merchants handle branding:





Be eco!


Around 74% of consumers around the world are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging.


And obviously, packaging plays a significant role here. Increased environmental awareness causes companies to choose boxes that have less non-recyclable waste. And it applies to the product packaging and shipping packaging alike.


In order for boxes to be eco, they have to be fitted to the product. There cannot be too much empty space and excess fillers. According to the “Value of Corrugated Packaging 2020” report conducted by Mondi, as much as 62% of customers are dissatisfied with orders that have too big packaging.


Also, ecological packaging has as little plastic and other synthetic materials as possible. That’s why it’s vital to replace typical duct tape with a hot-melt seal and foil with paper.



Durable, ecological, and cost-effective packaging–it’s possible! However, you have to remember that the cheapest option is not always the best one. Pay attention to the packaging’s quality and adjustment to the products you sell. Empty spaces in a box can cause some serious damages and are definitely not ecological.


If you operate in a sector where returns are common (fashion), make sure your boxes are durable so that your customers can send products back in the same carton box. Remember that 77% of customers have positive experiences related to unboxing. Don’t ruin them with impermanent and poor packaging!


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