Omnipack conquers the German market

Currently, the German eCommerce sector is rising by 10%–from 94 billion Euros to 103.4 billion. It’s one of the most mature and developed eCommerce markets in Europe and the second-largest (just behind the United Kingdom). 95% of the German population uses the Internet, and 84% shop online.

As it turns out, these numbers can be even higher. The end of 2020 will be very generous for online sellers worldwide. Deloitte predicts that the eCommerce retail sales in the holiday period will rise by 25-35% from November to January.

The growing eCommerce sector draws everyone’s attention to the logistics issue. After all, logistics have to grow along with the sales volumes. With that in mind, we decided to open a new logistics center in Gorzów Wielkopolski. This center will primarily serve clients from the DACH market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). 

Omnipack’s second logistics center 

The logistics center in Gorzów Wielkopolski is our second location. The first one is in Nadarzyn near Warsaw. The warehouse in Gorzów offers an additional 6,500 sq m of modern and fully-functional space. It’s location, right on the Polish-German border, allows us to guarantee the same quality of service as local operators provide, but for less money.


“Thanks to our new warehouse near the Polish-German border, we can offer the next-day delivery standard during working days and at a price very close to local domestic fees in Germany. It’s a crucial element of our competitive advantage that allows us to compete on the entire European market”–says Tomek Kasperski, Founder & CEO at Omnipack. 

The strategic expansion

The opening of this new logistics center is just one of many steps in the cross-border expansion strategy. The next one was to launch the German version of our website.


“Our main goal was to create a website that’s fully functional, but also UX-optimized. We devoted a great deal of attention to the quality of communication. We wanted for our German clients to feel “at home” when browsing our website. And now, there are new challenges ahead. We want to publish not only sales materials but also the eCommerce and fulfillment industry trends, both from the German and European market”–explains Piotr Suchodolski, Marketing Director.


In addition, we have a separate department that’s responsible for acquitting and serving our German-language clients.


“The Sales Team for the DACH market consists of people who perfectly know the eCommerce market in these countries. All of them have previously lived or worked in Germany. This allows us to understand how this market works, for instance, its administrative and legal aspects. Also, all of our team members speak German fluently. We provide a sense of security–although such an important aspect of running an online store is being outsourced abroad, our clients know that everything is under control. They can always talk to us in their mother tongue. We are specialized in eCommerce, and we can advise clients not only regarding the Polish market but also their local markets. We know our clients’ competition, suppliers, market trends, and tools that help them grow their businesses”–adds Marek Włodarczyk, Head of Sales DACH.

We believe that our actions related to the cross-border expansion will be noticed by German entrepreneurs, and some of them will become our partners, allowing us to expand our portfolio of foreign clients. Even at this point, foreign companies generate half of our revenue. We hope that this percentage will keep growing.

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