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Make it before the weekend - logistics for 2drink, an eShop with bartending accessories

It started out much like American tech companies, except that the beginnings of 2drink were not in a garage, but in a living room. The store has come a long way and is now the most popular eCommerce offering accessories for home bartenders in Poland.


2drink is a family business run by a married couple - Agnieszka and Tomasz Skupieński. The founder of the brand is Agnieszka, who in 2010 started a blog with recipes for drinks - 2drink.pl. On the blog, she shows that colorful drinks can be made at home, using easily available ingredients. There was no such site on the Polish Internet. At that time, blogs and books presented mainly recipes translated from English and adapted to the American or British market, which in Polish realities were difficult to use.


Thanks to hard work, the blog quickly became the most popular website about drinks in the Polish blogosphere. On the wave of blogging successes, in 2015 Agnieszka published her first book - "Simple Drinks" and started selling it in an online store she founded. Soon after, she expanded her offer with bartending accessories - which is how the 2drink store was created. The brand has been constantly developing since, offering customers new products, with a corresponding rising increase in orders.

Source: https://sklep.2drink.pl/kategoria/ksiazki/proste-drinki-agnieszka-skupienska


Become a bartender in your home


You can find many wholesalers on the web that supply large players with a similar assortment. The 2drink strategy is different:

“From the moment we started our store, our audience has been people who want to make drinks at home. Of course, our store is also used by bartenders and the Ho-Re-Ca industry, but the home customer remains our priority. This distinguishes us from the competition, which is usually focused on business clients, i.e. hotels, restaurants or cafes”

Tomasz Skupieński



The idea is to show that you can make a good drink at home and you don't have to be a professional bartender. On the blog, the non-professional bartender will find many useful tips to encourage them to experiment.


Who are 2drink's customers?


As we mentioned earlier, these are mainly individual customers who want to have fun making original drinks. 2drink includes interesting recipes for drinks and gift sets, bartending accessories, glasses for alcohol tasting (whiskey, wine, absinthe), home beer or winemkaing sets, syrups in various flavors (from salty caramel to cucumber), as well as all kinds of gadgets related to drinks.

Source:  https://sklep.2drink.pl/kategoria/sloje-do-drinkow-z-kranikiem/sloj-z-kranikiem-na-stojaku-czaszka-35-l-stojak-metalowy




At the very beginning, Agnieszka ran the warehouse completely by herself. However, it quickly turned out that fulfilling orders was taking up too much of her time and preventing her from focusing on the development of the store. On the other hand, there were not so many orders that it would be profitable to rent her own warehouse and hire employees. Fulfillment turned out to be the perfect solution for Agnieszka.


The beginnings of cooperation


In 2016, when 2drink began to look for support in logistics, fulfillment was just beginning on the Polish market. Nevertheless, Agnieszka managed to find several companies that offered logistics services for eCommerce. Several factors were influential in making Omnipack the winner of the business:


“We were convinced to go with Omnipack by their quick communication, transparent pricing and the fact that the owners presented themselves on the website. It is always a good sign when someone brands a business with their name."

Tomasz Skupieński



And so, in October 2016, at Omnipack, we started shipping the stores first orders. Which makes 2drink one of our oldest customers.


Solutions for 2drink


The product offer consists mainly of items that need appropriate handling - gift sets in tubes or glass in various forms, including bottles with syrups, glasses and shot glasses. it was therefore crucial to ensure the safe storage and packaging of these products. The products are stored on metal racks that make picking easy. When packing, we take care to protect the products - using paper fillers and wrapping the products with bubble wrap.

2drink products in our logistics center in Nadarzyn


We also focused on the specific needs of the brand's consumers. They expect quick shipment - experiments with drinks are usually a weekend activity, so when placing an order during the week, customers expect that the package will reach them before the weekend. It is also important to offer various forms of shipping - some prefer a courier visit, others prefer to pick the package up themselves at a convenient point. As an operator that consolidates large shipping volumes, we were able to offer 2drink a wide range of possibilities at attractive prices.


The results


During our 4.5 years of cooperation, we have managed to achieve quite a lot. The average annual order volumes in 2018 vs 2020 increased by 110%. An undisputed record of orders was also broken in December 2020. There were three times more orders than in other months and almost twice as many as in December 2019.


This is what the owners say about cooperation with us:


"Our cooperation with Omnipack, since the beginning of 2016, has been brilliant. They respond quickly to emails, are flexible on agreeing to terms, have a clear price list, are very fast at implementation, dispatch packages impeccably and we’ve had no returns due to transport damage. I strongly recommend this company."

Agnieszka and Tomasz Skupieńscy



It's great to watch our customers grow and grow with them. It is especially pleasing in the case of merchants who have been with us from the very beginning.


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