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Case Study NAGO: A responsible fashion brand leading the market in Poland

The fashion industry worldwide is responsible for 10% of the air pollution currently contributing to environmental consequences. Additionally, 85% of all textiles end up in landfills every year. NAGO, a Polish clothing brand, is a vociferous opponent of fast fashion and the production methods negatively impacting the environment. They are dedicated to producing clothing in a conscious and sustainable manner using the highest quality natural materials.


Julia Turewicz and Jasiek Stasz are the creative force behind NAGO and are well-known figures in the Polish fashion world. They first met while still in high school but did not cross paths professionally until the creation of the Showroom platform. Their combined passion and shared ideology resulted in the successful launch of NAGO in 2018.


NAGO literally translates into ‘naked’, which speaks to the brand’s core principles in creation and business – naked truth – meaning, nothing to hide. This ‘NAGO’ is evident in production and also in material choices. The use of certified fabrics for production such as Tencel™organic cotton, cupro, and wool almost completely eliminate artificially derived fibers. Additionally, they use recycled zippers and buttons made from coconut.


There is additional openness in communicating product details to the customer with descriptions sharing all the unique features including material use and best care recommendations.


Transparency is seen in how the NAGO conducts its business – particularly with financial disclosures. Recently, on Facebook, public posts shared information regarding revenue (4 million PLN | 885 300 EUR)) and costs (4.1 million PLN | 907 441 EUR). NAGO spends more than 40% of its revenue (1.8 million PLN | 398 389 EUR) on production which, compared to the industry standard of 10-15%, confirms their dedication to high-quality fabrics and high-level subcontractors. Not only are the top-level data figures shared, but the statements also show wages, salaries, and development expenditures.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/nago.clth


Logistics and Professionalism


The positive market response to NAGO was swift. The shift toward slow fashion along with increased consumer awareness were contributors to early success. It became clear that a self-managed warehouse located at the rear of the flagship boutique, would not be enough to professionally meet their increasing demand.

Source:: https://nago.com/blogs/news/butik-flagowy


The search began for a best-practices match for NAGO in a fulfilment operator.

We were looking for a logistics operator and above all, a partner, so we chose Omnipack because they have several years of experience in eCommerce and logistics. Due to the increasing scale of shipments, we needed support in this area. Omnipack helped us with complete implementation, setting up logistic processes, integration of systems, and supplying us with eco-friendly packaging materials. Thanks to our cooperation, we can focus on further development of the company and enter new European markets

Julia Turewicz

founder of NAGO

In October 2020, the first packages with NAGO fashion were sent from the Omnipack warehouse.


EAN Codes and Process Automation


When NAGO first began their order processing, proper labeling was not necessary. The employees knew the entire line and location of all the stock. However, it became evident that the development of process automation was necessary as the demand increased. Through cooperation with Omnipack, there was an introduction of EAN codes. This resulted in several tangible benefits:


  • Improving accuracy in stock levels. Use of EAN codes provides simplicity and clarity in the stock control process.
  • Streamlining of the order picking process. Each code is location linked, thereby allowing for best and shortest picking paths to be automatically calculated, reducing processing times.
  • Reducing errors utilizing double verification. Warehouse staff use EAN product and location markers to confirm order picking accuracy.
  • Monitoring packaging use for consumption and reduction. Use of EAN codes allow for more compact packaging options.


Ecological Considerations in Logistics Processes


NAGO’s high level consciousness regarding ecology is not limited to creation and production, it includes responsible logistics and fulfilment. There are no compromises – every part of the process must follow the NAGO credo.


Warehouse storage is an area of high plastic use and waste. Cooperation between NAGO and Omnipack shows that it is possible to reduce waste through processes and material choices even in warehouses. All NAGO fashion is stored in the Omnipack warehouse using foil protection. Once the product has been removed from the foil, the foil can be reused. This circular process reduces waste.


NAGO uses custom, logo branded cardboard boxes provided by Omnipack. The cartons are made of ecological cardboard without harmful dyes used in production.

During the cooperation, Omnipack encouraged the switch from paper to electronic receipts which also reduces waste.


New Markets in Further Development


With every new order, NAGO grows more ambitious to expand their brand. While Poland has responded positively to the sustainable slow fashion ideal, there is a far greater demand abroad. NAGO has aspirations beyond the Polish market.


At Omnipack, we have experience and success in expansion into new markets. With NAGO, the cooperation moved to assisting with integration of a second online store focused on foreign markets using an English version and support for their brand in developing international fulfilment processes.


Through this cooperation with Omnipack, NAGO can now reach all foreign markets with a lead time of 3-4 business days and to the German market with next-day standard.


Cooperation in Conclusion


NAGO is a conscious, ecological, and responsible brand with high standards for all cooperation with suppliers and partners. Omnipack is proud to provide fulfilment services and to be a development partner with NAGO as this cooperation not only serves the client and the end customer at a high level, but also places equal importance on the environmental impact at each step. This ethos drives us forward and is an essential aspect of how both companies strive to have an impact internationally.

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