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4 amazing projects: How did BIZUU cope during the pandemic?

Everyone knows BIZUU in the Polish fashion industry. This brand evokes connotations with femininity, elegance, and uniqueness. Their brand color is a specific shade of pink. BIZUU constantly excites consumers not just in Poland but across Europe.


Two founding sisters are the pillars of BIZUU – Blanka Jordan and Zuzanna Wachowiak. The brand’s name consists of their first names, showing that they are the real driving force behind BIZUU. Each sister has her own temper, different points of view on reality and fashion, but still, they make all their collections together. That’s why even the tiniest detail is made with utmost care.

Source: BIZUU materials


Due to dynamic development in 2019, BIZUU decided to outsource all their logistics operations to Omnipack. There were lots of challenges along the way:


  • The ever-growing number of orders
  • BIZUU’s cross-border expansion plans
  • Their omnichannel strategy (currently, they run an online store and four boutiques)
  • The diversification of online sales (their own store, Facebook profile, and Instagram)


In such a dynamic setup, the flawless logistics service was indispensable if the company wanted to grow.



The pandemic can’t stop us!


The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 turned out to mark the end for many fashion brands. BIZUU was definitely not one of these brands!



The chosen projects


To show you how successful BIZUU was during the pandemic's struggle, we want to mention some of the exciting projects that this brand was involved in. BIZUU decided to support charity actions, non-conventional collaborations, and their own projects in a new form. Below, we present four of these projects:



Polish brands for the healthcare sector


On 6th April 2020, Polish brands, driven by BIZUU, united for a great cause–support for the contagious disease wards in Polish hospitals and medical facilities struggling against the epidemic. They gathered financial resources in two ways:


  • The money transfers for the online fundraiser on the siepomaga.pl website
  • Every day, one of over 30 Polish brands involved in this project offered their products at discounted prices. The entire income from these sales was transferred for the fundraiser.


Both BIZUU’s customers and other brands were eager to take part in this project. Some of the brands that supported this action were: Mammisima, La Mania, MO61, Kopiszka, Patrizia Aryton, LeBrand, and RISK Made in Warsaw. 


What’s even more important, thanks to this fundraiser, they managed to gather almost  19,000 EUR that were transferred to combating COVID-19.



Pre-order Florence furs–we are the BIZUU Girls!


Between August and September 2020, BIZUU introduced the pre-order option. In order to answer the demand coming from the market, they created a landing page that was counting down to the sellout of the FLORENCE furs in two different color versions.

Source: BIZUU materials


The photoshoot was showing the close relations within the BIZUUgirls community that grows every day. Maciej Nowak took the pictures, and Bartek Indyka was responsible for stylings.

Source: BIZUU materials


For us, on the other hand, the presale was quite a challenge. The action has triggered a massive customer interest, and we had to pack and send several hundred orders. Each fur coat was packed in a specific cardboard packaging, and inside there was a special insert with a thank-you card signed by the company’s owners. Thanks to accurate planning of the whole action, we were ready to work at our full capacity. All the parcels have left our warehouse on time, and soon they were at their destinations.


Believe in magic!


In early December 2020, BIZUU started yet another project–a mini collection of t-shirts. Each of these t-shirts had one of 12 sketches of women representing each zodiac sign. The drawings were made in the BIZUU’s graphics studio, and a famous fortuneteller Maciej Skrzątek has prepared a fashion horoscope for each drawing. The horoscopes comprised strong suits of each sign and advised what the owner should wear in order to surprise others and feel beautiful. The horoscopes were added to the t-shirts as hangers but also presented on social media channels as audio recordings.


Source: https://www.vogue.pl/g/10015/t-shirty-bizuu-ze-znakami-zodiaku





December 2020 turned out to be extremely busy. The Christmas madness, BIZUU's magical project, and we're not done! They started a collaboration with the TOUS jewelry brand.


BIZUU designed a t-shirt that was offered in the TOUS online store. It was a 100-year anniversary project that TOUS celebrated in many countries. In each country, a different brand was TOUS' ambassador. In Poland, BIZUU had the honor of representing TOUS. Blanka Jordan and Zuzanna Wachowiak have created their own graphic project of a bear seen through the brand's eyes. Do we need to say that it was full of the brand's pink color? Each of the limited 100 t-shirts had a unique number that highlighted its uniqueness. It was a massive PR success. All the t-shirts were sold out in just one day!

Source: https://touspolska.pl/t-shirt-bizuu-x-tous-edycja-limitowana-888999123


The summary


The openness to novelties, a constant search for trends, and courage in taking non-conventional activities are the factors that allow the BIZUU brand to stand out and build a network of loyal customers who do not fail even in unfavorable circumstances.


BIZUU is one of the top Polish fashion brands that have not surrendered to the economic crisis and are victorious in confrontation with the pandemic. It is an ultimate proof that a holistic approach to business that consists of:


  • A high-quality product
  • Consistent strategy
  • Following trends
  • Worthwhile communication campaigns
  • Diversification of sales channels
  • And specialized business partners


Translate into success. We are delighted that we can and have been able to support BIZUU in their logistics projects for 1.5 years now.




At this point, we would like to invite you to read our other article about the BIZUU brand, where we show you our logistics cooperation: https://omnipack.com/pl/blog/pakujemy-sukienki-ktore-nosza-gwiazdy-marka-bizuu-oddala-logistyke-do-omnipack

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