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We're specialists in international fulfilment for eCommerce, with over 15 years' experience. Our full-stack service means we can take care of everything for you. From inbounding, storage, picking and packing to shipping, returns and a range of additional services, we've got your business covered.

We've invested in our technology, facilities and operations to provide an outsourced logistics service that delivers to the high standards your customers expect and your business needs to grow.

That's why more than 100 companies across Europe already trust Omnipack to deliver for them.


Accurate order delivery

25000 m2

Hi-spec warehouse space


Countries served



About us

Our story

Omnipack was established by three logistics and eCommerce experts - Tomek Kasperski (CEO), Rafał Szcześniewski (CLO), and Karol Milewski (CRO).

Tomek and Rafał met for the first time in 2013, while setting up a logistics centre for a leading online furniture retailer. Fair to say this was a big success - in fact, the fulfilment centre soon became the most effective warehouse in Central and Eastern Europe and the logistics headquarters for the retailer in the CEE region.

At the same time, Karol was chairman at iProspect - a global digital marketing leader. Working with InPost and PayPal, Karol built in-depth experience in European markets and eCommerce services from sales, operational, and logistics perspectives.

So what do you get when you combine the unique eCommerce and logistics skills, knowledge and experience of Tomek, Rafał and Karol? You get Omnipack - now established as a world-leading expert in its own right.

We've gone from strength to strength since those early days, constantly evolving our operations to meet the changing needs of the market.

We invest in innovative solutions and design and create our own technology and tools. Today, Omnipack operates across 25,000m2 of hi-spec warehouse space in two locations (Nadarzyn, outside Warsaw, and Gorzów Wielkopolski, near the Polish-German border).

Over 100 companies trust us to deliver for them and their customers. We store, pack, and ship millions of products, even those that are the most challenging to handle, like glass, pottery, multi-dimensional furniture, groceries, and cosmetics.

This is how Omnipack was built - a fulfilment platform that takes care of the logistics processes for medium-sized European online stores.

Your partners in growth

Yes, we're proud of what we've achieved at Omnipack. And we're even more proud of what we enable our customers to achieve. You could say we're a fulfilment platform that takes care of eCommerce logistics for medium-sized European retailers.

We prefer to say we're a partner in growth for brands that want to give their customers service worth smiling about.

Tomek Kasperski

Tomek Kasperski

Founder & CEO

Rafal Szczesniewski

Rafał Szcześniewski

Founder & CLO

Karol Milewski

Karol Milewski

Founder & CRO

Our warehouses

Omnipack at glance


2 A-class warehouses

located near Warsaw, next to motorways and an airport and in Gorzów Wielkopolski, at the Polish-German border


Shelving infrastructure

adapted to the needs of various e-commerce branches


Advanced warehouse management system (WMS)

guarantees a quick order realization


25 000 sq m of total space

equipped in warehouse solutions


References from our Merchants

Omnipacks professional work, setup and knowledge has meant that we could accelerate our expansion into eastern Europe and quickly add new markets to our eCommerce platform without worrying on how to run the fulfillment setup.

The choice of the Omnipack company from among such a wide range of companies with a similar nature of activity was prompted not only by practical considerations, such as the high quality of services offered by Omnipack, but more importantly, by a broad understanding of our needs as a customer, friendly and competent service, professionalism and reliability of the staff workforce. These qualities are an excellent showcase of the Omnipack Company. Long-term cooperation and many jointly solved problems and completed projects makes Omnipack stand out from other companies in the logistics industry. Particularly important for cooperation with our company Brothers and Sisters is a high level of flexibility, openness and professionalism in the implementation of the delivery process.

As an owner of a cosmetics and supplements online store, I was looking for an operator who knows these products. Omnipack has modern temperature-controlled warehouses, which guarantee that our products reach customers in perfect condition. I'm very happy with our relationship of more than 2-years now, especially as the order volumes are growing, and I don't have to get involved in the preparation and despatch of further shipments.

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We keep your customers happy and your business growing. Simple.

Discover how easy eCommerce fulfilment can be when you choose Omnipack to take care of logistics for you.

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